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carry me now

If ever now my heart cries hallelujah
If ever now in the wonder of Your grace
A thousand times a thousand years my soul
I can see night in the day time
Into the woods I quietly go
It takes all the strength I have in me
These are the woods
The night of the soul
1000 dark years from time has died
1000 stars are passing by
We have to go a 1000 Oceans wide
1000 times against an endless tide
We'll be free
The ages that stir the dark waters of time
Are surrounded by the enchanting woods of pine
Oh thee O' Northstar let your pale light lead my path
Did you ever hear the story of the Christmas tree
Who just didn’t want to change the show
He liked living in the woods and playing with squirrels
into freedom

Caressed by solitude
A plague of desire
Absorbing two thousand years
Unleashing human restrictions
Driftin' in a space

Seconds into minutes and minutes
Into hour and hours into days
And days into months and months into years
Thousands into
Bring me a white horse for Christmas
We'll ride him through the town
Out into the snowy woods
Where we will both lie down

Underneath white
the woods
Then I'm (very good) in THE WOODS!
So I was an Indian
The player by the creek
And dried my eyes there.
There's a record body count this year
Resting by my fire. Looking deep into it's flames.
My mind must have been somewhere else
Far beyond these plains.
I am suddenly aware of a pair
All alone, I came into the world
All alone, I will someday die
Solid stone is just sand and water, baby
Sand and water, and a million years gone by
Like the first apartment that we had
That bompy little couch that made into a bed
Shower down the hall and footsteps through the wood
She said, "It's
at all
Not in a thousand years 

Was it the drugs they gave to calm me
Or something into my mind through generations fed
And if it´s all gone; only
into a fight with some guy
Who graduated 3 years ago

Paid 5 bucks for a plastic cup
Foam is spillin' out and it won't fill up
So I pumped that tap, with
Resting by my fire. Looking deep into it's flames.
My mind must have been somewhere else
Far beyond these plains.
I am suddenly aware of a pair
For a thousand years
I've lay upon the Lake Victoria
I was winged and many colored
And nobody knew my name

For a thousand years
I fell out
Long scalps hung by the old twin headed Beast's standard black.
Women and children brought far north into the land of no turning back
The burning
the rest of the dead
Not aware that the years that go by

Lurking in the shadows
Twisted shape of creeping terra
Guarding something special
Gone since
these years go by

Another glass of whiskey but it still don't kill the pain
So he stumbles to the sink and pours it down the drain
He said it's
to slumber beneath
Lulled by a mountain stream
And outside these walls
The night knows us all
In dark woods wandering
Detached of our soul
"Pour wine and dance
But you threw em all away
I gave you one thousand, four hundred sixty-one days

I gave you four years of chances
To try to be your wife
I cleaned
harnessing sexual frustration,
Converting it into fuel,
Powering the congregation
Tour bus for a time travel fantasy.
Six thousand years in the past
This tale is from the magic kingdom
Told by generations
About the king's crusade
Against the mighty dragons

Many years of endless suffering
Night after night
Serpents sojourners
Transformed your substantiality

Into demon form
For thousand years the ruler of the earth
Menaced for second
We went easy and stepped lightly
In a world so different from us

Fall back, spring forward

I walk into a store
Suddenly it's five years before