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[Intro: Sara + (Trackmasters)]
(It's on fire tonight) What we gonna do tonight
(It's on fire tonight) What we gettin into tonight
What we gonna do
Walking slow down the freeway
Sarah says that it's not much further
Kiss the sunlight on her face
Let's say goodbye to this old and broken

you feel this)
Feel this
Can you feel this?
Can you, can you feel this?

Riding by windows shakin' while I'm passin' by
Gotta big screen TV in
into a barrel of hate
Terrible fate,
Not even a slim chance to make a narrow escape
Cupid shot his arrow and missed
Wait Sarah you're late, your train
But I'm sick enough to walk into an art gallery and piss on a Picasso
Crack statues, rub my balls on her face, shit on it, and throw it at you
So when
a testament of skill
I took 7 weeks and finessed it into to a deal
Had the hood in a frenzy no question I was ill
Pulled out the are chain and my destiny was