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Utterance of a word to give form
To give being all
Corrupted by eons of interpretation
Misinterpretation of all

No longer a path back to that
Sitting on a piece of solar driftwood floating in space.

Magic is the art of influencing the course 
Of events by the intervention 
Of spiritual forces
Consider this
Why judge another when you've got
Your own shit to fix
There's no solution
good enough for everyone
And your interpretations don't work
comp-atition they gettin' bombed in the trunk 
Cause we keep 'em chunk in the trunk 
They gettin' bumped in the trunk 

[The Grouch] 
What can I learn from
(an interpretation of heart break cinema - german lyrics by Adrian Hates)

in endlosen zyklen 
magie im geiste abgegriffen
no use to my self once when I'm dead
And though I trusted I was lied to by my own
I bare no grouch and I carry no milestone

Look at me now I am
going to be freak of the week
She's a disco lovin' mama, at the disco's where you'll find her
She's a big freak, tell by the company she keeps
on the moon
Elvis ain't dead
You ain't going crazy
It's all in your head
Let us sing

It's all interpretation
To find the truth 
You gotta read between
Jesus" is a song of pure delight featuring John Barbee

The pure tenor quality of the voice of Harold Montgomery
Gives a special interpretation
You take this all for granted
All the things they choose to feed you
By keeping you distracted
Just long enough to bleed you, dry

A reason for
the existence of an alien species the knowledge that we seek has been repressed by government cover-ups and religious faculties and the lie they keep on believing
of tanks failed negotiations
Stronghold secured

Rounds of ammunition fired
Canisters of sees gas dispersed inhumanely
Interpretations of the seven seas
own sound

He was "Live on a Double Planet" 
He was "Watching his Life go By"
All the "Aerial Boundaries"
Lifted me so I could fly
As the decades and centuries rolled by
Most of the Christians no longer thought
That the second coming of Christ
Would take place in their own
days I go by William'
And he talked about his new life and money he'd made out West

And he tried his hardest not to be that old boy we all new
'Til he
created by fate
Cruelly Ironic- love springs from their hate


Now and forever we'll carry as one


No matter the hate this love
the midnight sky

Don't let the sun go down
Don't be fooled by the changes you see
Interpretations vary once in a while
Don't close the door on me
was nominated by the folks from every state
Yes, a monkey was the President, though maybe not the first
And there was peace and harmony throughout
opinions, and beliefs expressed are not the only possible interpretations. The viewer is invited to make a judgement based on all alvailable information.
I walked right on by
And tried to live a life
Where I'd finally be satisfied
Most won't agree with me, that's ok by me
'cause I don't agree with
the midnight sky

Don't let the sun go down
Don't be fooled by the changes you see
Interpretations vary once in a while
Don't close the door on me
"The forecast calls for destruction tonight, death for tomorrow, and
Armageddon by the weekend.
This could be the end of life as we know it"


Take this line off the song
Put it on a bumper sticker
Billboard blanket statement guilty by association
Black and white gave grey
use to regret

Non scapegoat mouth
Oversee several ideas
Losing it inside
These words are like a dyslexic interpretation of the wrong

A quiet moment