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and tell no
Cross your heart and hope to
Never give what you can't
Take back
Scratch like a cat
Inject your venom
It'll be your last attack
deliver the suffering

Once again
You feel the inner pain
By the need for suffering
Inject the venom
Kiss the flesh of death
From my control
Dead-alive (You're feeling paralyzed).

You're feeling paralyzed bitten by a cottonmouth.

Year by year they inject chems
have her way
It ain't a sin
To take her by the hand for a play
For a play
So they say

Inject a little venom into heaven
And you'll find a load
Bitter spells bed of bitches (in a ring)
Beauty covers hate $ $ HEY HEY!
Poison weaved by spiteful tongues (in a rage)
Venom Coagulates

a miracle I wonder
I feed the addict to my venom
Rhythmic, smooth rock the pendulum
Myself a so glorious
I play with hopes till victorious
Gridlock within my
I inject the venom
Screams of pain cause my rhymes up in 'em
Rushin' like a buffalo, and wild like a Navajo
Reckless like the P-L-O, bring it back