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the bloodbath all their vile
Dreams will come to pass

Weaponized psychopathy
Headlong into carnage seeking blood
Seething minds distorted by the violence
Blood drenched execution
Carnage inspired by hatred and evil
Fatalities the final solution
Feel the fucking pain
I rip your child from your cunt
the eternal night
Black earth emplagued by the obscured skies
Baneful storms chaotic winds blow
An evil blast proclaim extermination of sacred domain
mutant evil creature
Unrelenting thirst for blood
Dying by the way nightmares told
Murder murder murder murderer
Black blood horror guts of the dead
Winds whistle
Frosty trees
Gloomy darkness
It drains the light
World of chaos
Corpses of carnage
It is snowing
Black snow from the sky
Nine footprints to evil
Hooves crack on petrified soil
Coming forth from the abyss
Lit by bonfires of sin

The quest for the grail of flies
Confronted by death
To them I just laugh
Executed for unlawful carnage
Buried in peat just outside the wood bridge

Curse of the Tollund man
Tribulation - desecration
Immolation - my salvation
The altar surrounded by lust
Pleasant violent carnage right
Craving for infernal crypts
Give credit to evil
Engrossing plight fatal rot 
Consuming scum 
Drenched in evil excrement 
Sent to a world to die in pain by 
Drowning in viscera 

Engulfed in the innards
Life's ectincted - Stars eclipted
No light in the black

Dark encounter - Alien frontier
Suicide mission - Sacrified
We'll never come back
from ashes
Diving the divisions of hell
Dare to go where evil has no shame

Revolting the presence of question
Concealing this senseless bitter
Loneliness was all she knew,
Because of her God sent beauty.
Evil and carnage were sure to ensure,
Her death was Conchobars duty.
The high king
black velvet and safire
Psycho circuits of carnage that's unbelievably evil
Blood trickling temper of pure golden retriever
I'm inspired by the sun,
of tiny little storms
The good and evil in me wage a bloody civil war
The missiles whistle through me then the rebel pistols roar
I shiver and the final
Reload ya flash bulbs for the dead bodies
Severed bitches and human abominations
Lined up behind the velvet rope wavin' they invitations
One by
a shit
Go and run your mouth, take a knife to your clit
If your talking garbage, making my name tarnished
Put my rep in bondage, rip it up like carnage
and the blood I lie in's my own
Bruised ribs and a black eye
Swoll shut, but I still see my life flash by
Geeked, cause I think I seen a priest on the bypass
upon mankind? Bringers of carnage and destruction, pestilence and decay! The Z'xulth! 
Secrets once known by the forgotten peoples... ancient
and heartache, all the graves and broken bones
For buried there a testament to the evil of a queen
A misery that spread across a weak and stricken land
The crimson