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is the hardest one to take 
Your first move in the right direction 

My hope, our world, bursting due
To the closed, minded thinking
Of the short sighters
Grinning faces, watching me
Scared by my individuality
and effectivity - our anxiety expands. The vampire kisses and we are infected one by one. Solipsistic ideas turn into a romantic term. Is this a symptom of a common
as one
Bonded together in a unbody hell
This pair will grow up and live
With two heads and four arms

Siamese screams
Of their despair
your life? Is there individuality? Aren't we just born into a framed life, limited
by values and rules? Is there a way to get rid of this huge pressure
Unity a specialty surrounded by a mass
Individuality the sound of breaking glass
Insulated by the boys never face a threat
Try to argue with our
these are motions that can only be emulated in their truest form by their creator thus cementing one's own individuality in the medium which acts
on morning glory vines 
I grew up surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature 
And they're forever present in my mind 

But I'm headed in the wrong direction
up proud no more
Here in the heart of Europe
Our culture is a dying whore

No room for individuality
Grey masses who think one way only
Move like
other to be men
By spewing in the street
Well, now I know just what to do
To make my man complete
Against the power of their misguidance
We must
You can't believe what you see. It's individuality.
This world has made me who I am
But you can't comprehend
So you blindly consume their lies
and fall away from everything

Oh, I know we've already gone
In the direction of the sun
In the direction of the sun

I hid behind the curtain where
I got the right street
But the wrong direction
Help me find the way
To your affection
I'm on the right train
But the wrong track
Come on boy
by the time it gets to me

it's a dilemma
of girls and boys for centuries
should I be with you?
should I forget about me?

first it feels right
belongs to all of us
And I can find no reason to mutilate our mother with fences and borders
And obsessive thinking, of proving our individuality
of touch I'm out of reach

Struck by a car
Crushed by a tree
Fork in my tongue
Glass in my sleeve
I snap the rope snap the wrist
Here in my inner spiral
a M-I-S-S-I-O-N-A-are-why

A soldiers at the door
I'll lock'em out
Offended by the message and the shit he's spitting out
Kick down all the doors
Spray paint the walls
I stayed in town for a while
Watching cars pass me by
And I'm trying not to get too high
But then I realized

Is there only one direction
I might not find what I'm looking for
But this bitter disposition
By now it surely run its course

So if I try to change direction
I might not find
A new world order created by the government
An unimaginable force of their mindless soldiers
Their primary objective has now been put in place
I'm walkin' downtown
No lookin' around
'Cause I'm a fool and a half
Blessed and beaten by love

I walk in the direction
But then I stop
We've eroded the soil from the ground 
A rocky grave is where I'll be found, cause... 

Whatever direction you may turn 
You'll see my friend,
God of evil
Of the ?
Name my pain as I pray
I torture myself
For the ultimate faith
I'm following your command

? direction
The lower heaven
behind your individuality
Step aside, I will reveal myself"

The source of all knowledge is within the Self
That Immortal One, so far yet so close
the man in blue
For looking different and not following the rules
Always looked down upon by the man in the suit
I'd rather me be than be a 9 to 5 fool