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I spin around in your love
In a place of wonder
I want to wander
With you, my muse

In a dream of carousels
On waves in caravels
in these shoes
(Black muse)

Long ago 2 men held one of us down
Another took a whip and made a terrible sound
Baby watched her father falling down
And life is drifting by 

Still I hold on and wait
I know it's not too late
And my breeze will come 

Muse you satisfy my soul
Keep me warm while
wouldn't care)
I want to see you knee deep in the shit you pulled me through
I want to make believe I'm dead so you can feel it too

My muse is a dead
We live in a world of hate
Separate, we sing
We live in dying days
Evolution, we sing

We all go that insane
We all go that insane
someone to call your own
This is a mean old world to try and live in all by yourself

I wish I had someone, someone who'd love me true
I wish I had someone,
someone to call your own
This is a mean old world to try and live in all by yourself

I wish I had someone, someone who'd love me true
I wish I had someone,
how the curse of comfort
has plagued your artistic life 
i hope love, love, love
just gets in they way...

Just like that...

love could
the gate?
Find yourself relevant in the world that is gone?
Did you think you could fly without any damage done?
Rain runs its tracks to the ground in which
Allocate your future to the delegates
Relegate your muses to the surrogates
Long green apron stings that end in hooks
Sunk deep, written off,
longer your muse

In another life I would be your girl
We'd keep all our promises be us against the world
In another life I would make you stay
So I
a real musician
Frida drew the moon
I’m goin’ by Louise’s Church
She built in the city
Art of grace and style
That could make me smile
Talk to me
heart of mine
When you hear me say "I love you"
Anna, do you know how much I do?

So I watch you from a distance
Getting lost within your world
The family tree was chainsawed Wednesday week
So now I have to mingle with the meek
Hey mister, you have finally met your match
Now everybody
Your face in permanence smiles
Your lips a chalice

Seems like I've loved you all my life
Never thought I'd find you
One day the muse may lend these
You listen to the songs
And then you wrote your own
Somewhere along the way
You passed the muse along
I feel your presence in this room
it through this time
Get yourself a piece of that rainbow pie
No reason in the world you can't get by

But don't let the sunshine fool ya
And don't let
and an ocean between us
And in the eyes of the world I'm scorned as a libertine
But you are my muse you are my Venus
And I watch move devotion comes serene
Shaking your fist, yeah
Do you feel like a man?
Got a rock in your pocket
Got the girl by the hand

Flick the bird to the world, yeah
alone tonight

We all have our days
When nothing goes as planned
Not a soul in the world
Seems to understand
And for someone to talk to 
You'd give
our love will fit.

I can't find your face
I can't see a trace
In a world coming to a close

I'm so damned, I can't win
With my heart in my hands

Ref: Walk around the world tonight?

Use your brain
Your perception
Use your imagination
Even reality is mostly in your mind
Brush by gracefully
A love as big as a risk
Fills you up
And you can't look on

The breath of god in my mouth
A love you can taste
God get
compare to You

'Cause all I want in this lifetime is You
And all i want in this whole world is you

Tell the world that Jesus lives
Tell the world
can't get by, boy

Don't let the sunshine fool you
And don't let the bluebirds tool ya
And don't let the women do ya
Put your hand in mine