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on a stone, tossed it upside your window by the roof
Before you change your mind, Miles, bring in the cool

Honey, put on your red dress and your
all your clouds pass you by: Let us

Dance a good old sweet-heart waltz, 
In a good old fashioned way,
Let us glide along while life's a song
smooth like
with a little bit of Miles Davis to get you in the mood like
zoom boom hit the poom-poom right
Just to get your groove right
I can make it
know I can never be your own.
Your lips on mine are like sweet sweet wine,
But we're headed for a wall of stone.

Warning signs are flying by us
Buy your ticket cause they're going fast

Train & Miles (J. Coltrane,  took mean solo
Jr. Walker had 'em dancing in the isles
They stood up when
And we walked in the sun down the royal mile

Saw the light in her eye and the way she smiled
And she cried in the night and I heard her say
You can't build it by design
It takes its own sweet time

You can't buy it at a store
Try it on for size
Then bring it back if it don't feel right
cars which we rented from a fella by the name of Kubozke for thirty bucks a day, buy your gas along the way, take a rabbit's foot and leave a pint
a sweet delight.
Trick or treat, baby, and hold me tight,
And keep kissin' me sweetly, oh, what a night.

Trick or treat, baby, in your own sweet way,
on the country miles in his Cadillac.
I can tell by the way you smile, he is rolling back.
Come wash the nighttime clean, come grow the scorched ground green.
along the highway
There's a candle by my bed
There's a face in the doorway
There's a price on my head

Sweet release...come in peace
to nothing,
That I had time for nothing,
Said I wasn't from the velars
Or the sellers by your gunman,
I can see the folks now he got what he had coming,
a fond farewell
By the time I get to Memphis I'll be outta my shell

Cotton fields just as white as snow
Sweet magnolia blossoms grow
Big moon shinin'
a native son of San Antone

There's a sweet somebody by the Alamo
Someday she's gonna be my very own
And we'll buy a highchair in a year or so
For our little
and say
I'm a native son of San Antone

There's a sweet somebody by the Alamo
Someday she's gonna be my very own
And we'll buy (Then we'll get)
his title when he wouldn't take the gun
And fight in Vietnam the only way he felt, then he won the bet again
Now they want me in the army but they can't
Linda Lou, honest true,
I'm just wild about your lovely eyes of blue,
For your smile, I'd walk miles,
For my honey child I'm glad to be with you,
the seven
Higher than a kite by the time I get to heaven

Doin' a 150 miles and runnin'
Get up in the way then you know that I'm gunnin'
Laugh about
Where there's no way out now
Put it in the safe and lock it
Cause it's home sweet home

And in your own mind
You know you're lucky just to know her
Tele He's Not Talking
Tele he's the one he knows what to say 
Knows how to find his own way 
He knows the roads by night and by doorways 
I just up and say
I'm a native son of san antone

There's a sweet somebody by the alamo
Someday she's going to be my very own
And we'll buy
Yo Premier?
Yeah whassup G?
That trip to L.A., may be delayed
Why whassup I'm on my way to the airport now
Yeah well your boy Guru got
Compilations heavy in rotation at the mall
Another Old Navy
A few less trees, I guess it's not wrong to want
Your own little piece of the American dream
went and broke your teacher's rule

Well, I walked by your classroom
I had to take a look
I stopped a while and watched what you
Had written in your book
A candle flickers in a window 
Two thousand miles away she waits there 
There's a young man thinking by a window 
How was she to know just how