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every fucking song
I hate people in night clubs, snorting coke
And explaining where your going wrong
Well if you agree, then come hating with me
And feel
a little different (different)
I was raised by a real life (real life)
Let me show you what love is, I promise it'll change your life

I wanna kiss love,
Aight, now we got that out the way, let's double up
It's your boyfriend
Look here, if we in the club
And you trying to decide wether if you gon
[Verse 1 - Sir Mix-A-Lot]
1977 was a no cocaine in my hood-ject
The brothers was stuck on Chuck without a mind set
I got tired of watchin "Good
Alors on danse
Alors on danse
Alors on danse
Alors on d (Throw your hands in the sky right now)
Alors on

Flashing lights, the stress of life
Alright now that we got that out of the way, lets double up
It's your boyfriend
Look here, we're in the club
You're trying to decide whether
a one bedroom
Well hm - it might be on
Ménage-à-trois, open la bouche, taste la bomb
Teresa's roommate walks in
6 ft 2 with a wig and a stupid-ass grin
insecure, for sure, not bored
Send you a first class ticket when I'm out on tour
Show me a lot of love in the club
You know your place, you give me my
We in between heaven and hell
Fuck your nine to five, I'd rather end up either dead or in jail
American ninja to these obstacles
No stoppin' me,
My whole squad in this bitch
And they gon' stay there the whole night
I mix that shit with champagne
Been waitin' on that shit my whole life
but in
The same book of life so I paged you when
I felt you that were getting off of work
Or either when you're on your way to school
We starting
a chrome machetti
I hope you ready to see Freddy in your fuckin` dreams
Make believe shit come true, know what I mean nigga?
I`m outta control like
Wayne, Hit-Boy, Diddy, bitch

When you hear this in the club
Just put your hands up
Just put your hands up
Just put your hands up
When we up in the club
Be in the PJ's in NY, rockin DK 
Mix EJ with OJ, OK, we say 
"L.A. niggaz got crazy came 
Like John Elway got a superbowl ring" 
The homies
you in the murkin' mix
You gone pull in line or we gone spit that venom
I'm thinkin' 10 steps ahead I want my own denim
We were goin' in them stackin
the sticks
Remember to keep the de la/de la/native tongue
In the mix
Just like log cabin syrup my sound is game thick
Now this goes out to all area clicks
a nigga all out of bounds in West L.A.
I'm trying to find your granny's house, is your auntie house
Well um, you know we sorta kinda burn it out
You know
the bull pen
Make that a fine, no
If you don't like my bullets, to hell if he ain't fashion
L.A. looters, throw your mask on
Gambini got his mash
to the rescue
When you need to be touched, I'll bless you
Kiss you, Tease You
I'm your slave anything for you
No question, no doubt
I'm that thug you want in
(He's fine) he walks in the club with love in his eyes
As he steps flock, flockin' females by his side
Lookin' scrumptious, even though he ain't tryin'
on in ya

If I was fucking you right about now
You'd have a dick stuck in you (yeah)
Have to go brag to your fucking crew
On how this rap nigga dick
taste of the applehead, shorty wop wants to marry it
The weight on my mind, the average woman couldn't carry it
Bob Digi-tech in mix-matched shoes
Are you down now
(Are ya's down now)

You want to get paid? You want to get laid?
Pimp Yearlings in 360 ways
Live your life in
a pussy ass nigga, you don't belong with no bricks
I pop pills, I feel good, I mix patron with the shit

In the club goin' hard, Niggas know I got them
'cause, here I come
Because weekends were, were

Walk in the club at like 10 o' clock
And the spot is hot, blowing up rooftops
It's Thursday night