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There's oil on the puddles in taffeta patterns
That run down the drain
In colored arrangements
That Michael will change with a stick that he
Can...not cash in your face
We don't want your kind living in here
Aye, you might be a great doctor
You might be a great lawyer
You might possess the key
to keep 'em blind, so we can crime
With piece of mind, turn the key and shine without bein down
Time to expand, New York to Chicago, Colorado
You know my
Got 86 on that dash, got 87 in cash, and I'm born in '88
Born and raised in New York, so you do the math
Pass that dutch, oh
I'mma get a little high
Thank you very much
This next song was written by a man right here in Folsom prison
And last night was the first time I've ever sung this song
the pound, Whitney by the key
DJ Screw by the gallon, bitch the game belong to me

Man I pull up in your city and get my Bush on
Lay down the competition, take
Words and music by John Kay, Michael Palmer and Steve Palmer
Say the word if you need work done
Pick up the phone darlin', dial a prayer
You can
Uh, gray snow in my house alarm
Countin' cash every morning before I leave home (leave home)
Family I love, don't wanna leave this world alone
stop me
Most hoes they jock me, I got knots in my pockets
Caviar and bitches, 6-4 and switches
Champagne and riches, but cooking keys in kitchens
Downtown north past the airport
A dream in switchgrass and concrete
Three gray floors of smoky windows
Facing the street

Michael pulls
an angel one might miss,
I can talk to, I can turn to, there to handle this

Sunday morning in the choir, I'm the one who's singing off key
By my
forever give thanks like a pilgrim
Cash Money million, heir to the throne
Going at the heads like hair in a comb
Sittin' by the window, I just stare
of key, you're out of key 1/2 wistful, 1/2 boastful. 1/2 wistful, 1/2 boastful The pigs are fucking in the field With a hey nonny nonny and a hey nonny no
was a gambler
I'd go for the quick win
I'd cash all my chips in
And get out of town

[Chorus: x2]

Oh yeah, changin' it by now, yeah, yeah
hoes, who want clothes?
I flow checks, one followed by six o's (six o's)
I got hoes, in codes, in different areas
Four ton whips that's sittin'
time to find her gone 

She's on the train 
To somewhere up by Fordham Road 
Her reptile brain 
Locked down and ready in combat mode 

Some cash
I made a wish on Aladdin an imaginary menagerie in Manhattan
Filled with robots dancin like Michael Jacksons or Janet Jacksons-- Control
here for you till the end
Cause I don't want want to see you hurt again
I can be the key for your heart to mend

Cause baby you're not
Mislaid plan make a mess made
Damnation, let's play hands and spades
That's without, a boycott and a sit-out
Afro-Black pick in with a fist out
that the last shall be first
Now I'm in a hearse, what's this cash really worth?
My whole life I had to worry about eatin'
I ain't have time to think
ain't trough
Comin' hard as fuck I be like acin' and I'm icin'
Steppin' into the ring fuckin' 'em up like Michael Tyson

Gimme all your cash 'cause
I'd rather be rich, it sounds a little funny
If diggin' a ditch would earn me lots of money
I'd dig like a fool in the land of milk and honey
me from dust, that's why I did dirt
You said that the last shall be first
Now I'm in a hearse, what's this cash really worth?
My whole life I had
feed nose holes
Follow no family rules, rules are for fools
Chase the paper cause it's the cash that rules

Do the dirty work, bring in the coke by
it's the cash that rules

Do the dirty work, bring in the coke by the boatloads
Go against the grain, nigga, I feed nose holes
Follow no family