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In other words: the cops had to go
'Cause they would always mess up the cash, and to Gene it was bad
When they rounded up his workers, it made
(Gene Nelson/Paul Nelson)

Stars would shine on stormy nights
Flowers grew in winter time
Everything seemed possible
When we were in love
I got a brain in left hand drive
I don't asleep other side
I ride a bullet like I'm Steve McQueen
Each town I intervene
A gram of keef
of gratification in some twisted mind
Johnny Guitar Watson: YEAH!
Senator Trible: Now, the effects of such lyrics on a well adjusted child may not be cataclysmic
, please be true, 
In other words, I love you. 

Words and Music by Bart Howard
dat be 'bouts de onliest kinda bitch be able to tolerate de muthafucker's hair spray!

Bein' jes' like most de other nasty cocksuckers in de
That many others may live
Ok we've got a lot to give
This monkey wants a word with you
two will hands
They're not easily torn by the strength of a man
No other gods before you--No other holy shrines
Oh, I want to sleep in peace
Walking through the park on day
Exercising the hairy eyeball in May
I spied a startling example 
Of female she and I thus exchanged words
It's another world we think in / because words are obsolete
Two thousand years we kissed the devil / before we knew defeat
Chapter eating marx one
Words and music by john frusciante
** as translated by rick chapman **

Each word in sound
Day an' dances strung
Together one by one
Pre>thanks to robert watson
For a complete revision of this chart.

Robert's chart has the em over the word "treatment"...
It is time to learn to get by in your life
To accept where you came from
No sense in fighting back
You are born to be less than the others are
Stop eating all that chocolate
Eat salad instead
In fact, you're a half-wit from somewhere or other
Why don't you bog off back to Xanadu in
That's a gun pointed at your head

Wanted man by Lucy Watson, wanted man by Jesse Brown,
Wanted man by Nellie Johnson, wanted man in this next town
plate or cars, 'cause there weren't no other cars.

We went about a mile-and-a-half in about four hours, busted off the right front fender, tore a hole in
Some people, they tease one another
Take pride in themselves, keeping the other one down
Well, I'm not like that at all

Some people, they hurt one
Some people they tease one another
Take pride in themselves
Keeping the other one down
Well I'm not like that at all

Some people they hurt one
clamp electrodes on harry & rhonda. the other sisters re-enter with a pair of stuffed dummies, used to illustrate the song text in a
Re sort of 'bun-raku
Word to my homies up above, we slinging like drugs
And overdose 'em like the dealer does

Hip Hop

I swear this music in my genes like Denim
Cries the night in silence
Covers up the star shine
By the tears of darkness
Cries the night

Cries the night unaware
Words of pain
of boys the other day standing in the corner of a playground
Looking and laughin' at a magazine

And I overheard one of the boys said man is he ever cool
Word to my homies up above, we slinging like drugs
And overdose 'em like the dealer does

I swear this music in my genes like Denim
Lyricism seeping,
Some will sing a song to reel 'em in
It's a song I sung before and a song I'm gonna sing again
I mean every word, I don't mean a single one of them