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causes a deep dejection all the way through.

No relaxation, no conversation, no variation
In a very dark blue, blue condition.

Early rising every
brains in random smiles
There are coats of many colors
Flying high up in the sky

Won't you come round my way
For some conversation, please
Won't you
hangin' on the corner
Other people cruisin' by in cars
Feeding on the fiction and the porno
Staring at the tattoos and the scars

Staring right at two thousand AD
As if mankind's atrocities to man has no history
But just a glance at life in two thousand BC
We find traces
clothes out on the line
They're hanging there right next to mine
And if the wind should blow just right
She could be in my arms tonight

Bobbito's in the house!
I gotta say one thing, y'all been great playin the real shit
why'know, all this radio shit, this flower shit you be hearin
A tide of mystic light so consuming shadows take a life of their own.
But you won't see them walk around. CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). 
to fight but my hands and feet are fading
Used to fall for it all
Now my weak insides are backed by gutless conversation

A specter of your former self
things I wish I had said
But it seems so unreal, like this fog in my head
Like this converstation
Just like this conversation
What about this converattion
you're my Queen of the Furrows
This is how I feel, hens cluck and roosters crow

I'm in the night fields
Everything dark yellow
I'm making my way by
TLC & Left Eye

Out to find me a house with the white picket fence
Wedded, tied to a new life present tense
Stopped at the drive-in of our spring
the conversation

Ride, I'm in to taking my time, so I
(Tell the girl a comical lie just keep the conversation high)
Ride I don't tell her no lies, I just
Vers I
Back in 1992, bababadabababadabababada

It was two years after New kids hit the charts
Six years after Madonna stole my heart
It was TLC
[Virtual Vicky]
Now TLC will challenge Goodie Mob
To a game of ghetto laser tag
When they say: "What it is."
You scream: "What it ain't."
This town has its highs and lows
And a hole in the middle where nobody goes
People come through but they don't hang around
Nobody wants to get
lives don't look the same 
Though in the past you have shared All my happiness 
Will you be there to share the pain 
Everyday I'm surrounded by
I've been driving 'round in my car
Rolled down the window beside ya
Blaring out loud of the broken speaker
(Everyday be listening to 90's music)
the things
That i believe in
Left dying in the silence
Of the things you never say

Sleepin' by myself
Somehow Ive never held you
Oh I wish I needed
I'll wear my old Grey raincoat
Just in case you're `confidential'
Make up stories like "the screen fades away"

Today it's in a taxi
By the station,
I'm hypnotized by rituals
Now that I am on my own
Tranquilized like an animal
All because I lost control

Are you tuning in to our conversation
I didn't notice
that I played the baby
The air was filled
with anxiety and fear
I had a conversation
in the darkness
I spoke to myself there
groups like SWV and TLC
Can't see B.I.G. with telepathy
The recipe, a pinch of hardcore with a gun
Pimping ain't easy but it sure is fun
When I bust my
in it
Uhh smart workers with my guards up, pass the heart stage for all us

Smokeout conversations they gon' try to hold us down but they can't get
Eons have a human ring
The conversation of impassive planets
Intercepted by a human being

Let's go where the raptor goes
To the mountain in
Where you hide all the medical files 
To keep me in the straight assuming 
That this conversation allows us 
To get by suitcase is all we've got