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Mix Tape

This song could be between any two others
You only hear it when you play it on your mix tape
Made for you by your best friend before
Gasoline Vaseline
Benzene Amphetamine
All the chemicals in between
There ain't no cure for suicide
Knew a man he went to jail
His momma couldn't
Protestant was he
My mother was a Catholic girl, from County Cork was she
They were married in two churches, lived happily enough
Until the day that I was born
First his obsession seizing my brain
Starting in passion, ending in pain
I start to shiver, then I'm on fire
Then I'm a quiver with seething desire
ice cream
In the days before rock 'n' roll
Hyndford Street, Abetta Parade
Orangefield, St. Donard's Church
Sunday six-bells, and in between
did bow
The wolves all cried on the day he died

I survived their sugar cures and I dined with snow eating sinners
So much weather has come & gone
a week or for a year or for a year in a day
Come what may
I'm fishing with my boat and I'm fishing for trout
Mix the Bass Ale with the Guinness Stout
down and speed it up up
You're body bang
See that double butt mix with whats up in my cup
Makes me want you in this club club!
You're body bang, bang
own selves

Day by day you feel something's near and the
Shivers run down at your spine, There are
People you know, people you don't
But something is
One plush summer you come to me ripe and ready 
And bad through and through 
With that deep mystical soul synergy pumping steady 
Between me
mix your Browns and your whites with your wine
And don’t sit on your cigarettes
You’ll feel like shit soon enough and deserve’s got no say in
I think you're a sucker if you stand there
In the midst of all this political fanfare
We're constantly fightin' to keep our rights, and
The more
get with 'em

[High Beam]

When I look that fool in his face and tell him he's a lie
Everybody want a cure but nobody want to die
Got weed in the jars with vanilla cigars
On the strip, eyeballin' the chicks, holdin' the mix
Blast off of my shit, vibratin' the whip
thorn whose prick brings lockjaw 
And tires torn by sharp yellow rocks -- 
Young girl stares pensively from dark door in pale blue wall 
Big About
get with 'em

[High Beam]

When I look that fool in his face and tell him he's a lie
Everybody want a cure but nobody want to die
Hold a Stone Isle profile 
Mix between Malcolm X and Sef when I go wild 
Hold mics like a second nut until the second coming
Humming coming
beauty Dolly Parton gluteus maximus 

Ass big enough to fit a cup on her booty (booty), 
Straight Centerfold Suzette
I`m in the mix (I`m in the mix
off hardheaded stuck in my way
but things change, and days turn to nights
and the nights are cold if your people ain't right
I'll squad it straight,
Every day of the calendar we'll be together
Two cats in the cradle, two birds of a feather,
Staring for hours between your green eyes
No mystery, no
aspens quiver,
Little breezes dusk and shiver
Thro' the wave that runs for ever
By the island in the river
Flowing down to Camelot.
Four grey walls,
to valleys speed through alleys if it's done quick
you'll have time to find the caves where the days are never sunlit

find the scriptures made by a society
the lung from Bernie Goetz
Overworked and underpaid staring at the floor
Prostitutes' spandex caught in the slide doors
Now you're tuck between the stations
the lake outside away you flow
And this I know

I got 100 on my dash, got 200 in my trunk
Name in the grab bags, put my Bible in the trunk
Taaka vodka
Trapped, no shield, no sword
The unbeaten path got my soul so sore
Allured by the lust, something money can't cure
The Devil want me as is, but