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the way
I'm still wide awake

I wanna stay up all night
And jump around until we see the sun
I wanna stay up all night
And find a girl and tell her she's
Your glory fills the sky 
A great and holy light 
Shining like a million stars 
I'm amazed by who you are 

Lord we lift you high 
Oh god be
And there's so many reasons why you're not

Crazy for leaving
Crazy for staying so long
I'm amazed you're still breathing
Amazed you can feel after
stolen away
With this breathtaking view of Your grace

And I am speechless
I'm astonished and amazed
I am silenced by Your wondrous grace
You have
thought I knew
You turn it around

I'm amazed
When push comes to shove what I'd give to you
I'm amazed
The hallways I wouldn't mind
the dreadlocks
When I'm broke I still smoke a lot
Choke a lot, cool cops gave a bitch props
Only faggots bust shots
While kids be playin hop scotch
In broad
It's gripping, I'm ripping
I haven't just been sipping
Stressing no messing
Will I ever learn my lesson?
I'm always amazed, by what can take
close before
Never opened up that door
I'm still finding my way

Something else that lovers do
When I've been by myself
Never had to talk about
to the north,
On their donkeys they rode forth.
Whining I'd committed sins,
Moaning I'm too everything.

Still amazed,
How a whole trio of men can only have
everywhere I go
I find something that lets me know
Lord you're always up to something new
I'm still surprised by you
I'm ready to be amazed

by my fingernails
And I can't help it even I'm amazed
At how much better they look
Painted in pink sorbet
What took me so long
To sing this song
of my days
I imagine I'm here beside you
And we're talking our usual way

And we will dance
We will sing
Still amazed by everything
And we will dance
madly in love with You
So very beautiful are You
And true-no words I can find would do
Oh God, I'm amazed by You
I'm madly in love with You
You are
don't think that I'm the last to say
That there ain't lots of other places
In this world that still remain
Beautiful and unchanged
But they're just not

And I support you in your trusting
And I commend you for your wisdom
And I'm amazed by your surrender in the face of threatening forces
That I
To the pain
And I am amazed that i'm still

I'm falling down
My world is spinning round
It feels like i'm flying
The feeling is lying
stolen away
With this breathtaking view of Your grace

And I am speechless
I'm astonished and amazed
I am silenced by Your wondrous grace
You have
things can change?
We're amazed how they stay the same
Oh, it's the same

So baby, just close your eyes
Nothing catches Jesus by surprise

You look
still here.

I don't know why I make you cry
It's a part of me I don't like at all.

So baby just close your eyes nothing catches jesus by surprise
your head, clear the haze
Step out your house and prepared to be amazed
It's just another one of those glory days

I'm so warm, new dawn, reborn, new
It's just some clouds

I'm no fool, but I'm no Einstein
I'm bothered by infinity
No laws on the moon
Still can't burn the flag
Might be cool to try
and dark
I'm amazed I am still breathing

On and on and on we go
Where we're going we don't know
We'll find out tomorrow
If we find out at all
amazed that somebody dumb as me is still alive to tell the tale.

Paradise disguised as hell
Hell disguised as paradise. 
I can see it with my own
I'm still amazed by Your grace
I'm surrounded by forgiveness and love
How I long to see Your face
I have found a place of freedom
In Your arms
There is no sense to it
Pure pounds and pence to it
They're so intense too makes me amazed
Don't want no music but, they're making you
     sick with