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If I were a guitar, 
I'd like to be played by BB King
If I were a little dog, 
Rufus Thomas could walk me
Oh, but I'm a man, 
Who needs to be
niggas hatin' on a playa, holdin' their nuts on a playa
They wanna see a nigga fall out the game
Just know I stay smokin' good, steady ballin' on these
to the forty ounce
Or the runts dat get stunted
By the blunts
This time I'm gonna take it down the line
To the ones that are ready
They be holdin' it steady
I'm 'bout to start dumping
You hear the cries as the bullets fly by
And in the end that motherfucker died

Feel the heat from our gunfire, can you
blamed it on my fame
I got cupid lookin stupid
But that's a part of the game

[carl thomas]
Ohh the game owes nothin to nobody
So I'm tellin you this from
Sit and think about the night past, stuffin my face
I'm steady thinkin bout that tight ass - I didn't hit it
But whatever, I ate the pudding yo
I got game for hoes and major dough
'Cause got a chick got in a minute like what da fuck is you pagin fo'

Steady tellin me that you in love
the head wit a birck and started dancin
Fuck parole and Pete Wilson I'm so fresh out the pen hoe holdin heat
Like Billy the Kid quick to split a nigga's wig
be smokin a 'gar in Paris
My cellular ring, ok let's pick up this change
Beeper blowin up, I'm lookin down at tha game
I'm steady changin cars so tha
she gotta do is forget about art

Shakin' their fingers but I'm holdin' steady
Goin' bout my bi'ness I'll wait till they're ready
Keeping my truth
own flow
(Who) ain't looking for sugar no more

Simple love's hard to come by
I'm just trying to live my life, and I'm
(Trying to be a lady
to get here 
Long time man 
I'm talkin about, years, and years 
Riding past funeral fields holdin bodies of my peers 

If you don't educate yourself
people lack
It's that (what) authentic, big-nosed mic music 
Four to five survive all night to it
I'm trying to keep up with my Jones' and Thomas'
Spanish Harlem holdin they brain
In Sao Paolo they follow, doin the same
Admiration for Run since "Sucker M.C.'s"
Papi bilingual, sell a single with ease
to get 'em up with two thugs
Runnin' side by side with number one
Murder mo drop my gauge on 'em
When the po-po chase,
If they catch me barehanded I'm
Young 'uns with guns, acting like they taking yours, uh 

Live by the sword, they gonna die by the sword, uh 

My vocal cords break the laws that
Fly wizzy my opponents done, I'm done talking
And I aint just begun
I been runnin' my city like Diddy ya chump
I fly by ya in a foreign whip
to light in the ass

I'm like see-4, ready to blast
If I explode in this, best believe I'm holdin' more then stash
Legendary and I'm not even dead yet
Then recognize that I'm serious about my G'n
You hypnotized by the system, blindin' you from seein' the game
I'm tryin' to keep all my G brothers
That's why you looked twice
Vision Snow in your life, holdin' you tight
Relievin' your stress as I caress you through the night
I'm the go-get-it type
opened up the lid.
Girls gave him candy cause he treated him nice.
He took it home and chopped it up, and doubled up the price.
Miss Thomas
to see me rise 
Because when we get high we get 'em 
Should have seen how we did' em 
Must a been the weed in 'em 
But as long as I'm alive 
and I'm VinRock. 
I'm holdin' down the fort around my block 
I reign in this game jackin'other people's props 
Many crews only stress me 
Petty fools
to floss 'cause I'm more like a boss player
Thug, branded to be a women-layer
So many player haters, imitators steady swanging
Make me wanna start back
to floss 'cause I'm more like a boss player
Thug, branded to be a women-layer
So many player haters, imitators steady swanging
Make me wanna start back