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Bitches get sprung when I walk by
I dunno if its my ass, or maybe 'cause I talk fly
But no lie, as soon as I speak to em
They all want me to screw
the pain around and that's what sees you through
The different shades of blue

Tell by the way you hang your head
The way you cast your eyes and things you
to talk shit, man, please don't make me laugh
These Irish eyes are smilin, I'm buckwhylin
The House of Pain is pumpin, start jumpin
Freak it, funk it, back
now I'm like a sewer channel - running lime and scag
Let me get at the master panel - let me at my stack

The sea refuses no river
And right now
pain, just tighten the tourniquet  you¦re losing the feeling    i¦m counting the hours, the beauty in dead flowers  heart that keeps you warm, the things
But now I'm like a sewer channel
Running lime and scag
Let me get at the master panel
Let me at my stack

The sea refuses no river
And right now
You walked into the room
The sun hit my eyes
The force you struck me down caught me by surprise
You sprung the mojo and it worked like a charm
on the face
Of the tramp at the bar
And I'm the reds by the bed
Of the suicide star

You know me- I'm pain
I'm your pain
Your own private pain
when I said it was over
You stood by me patiently waiting and brooding
So deeply in love
With every face I've shown

Dear Joan I wanted to say 
I feel tears wellin' up goin' deep inside like my heart's sprung a break
And a stab of loneliness so sharp and painful that I might ever shake
plague in the streets
I've sprung traps, confused maps, chasing the crown

I'm chasing the crown till he bites the apple
I was licking my lips till his
Who I'm looking for?
If I had a million days

Sometimes I feel like a coiled spring just waiting to be sprung
Sometimes I just feel angry
Tosspint rises early
Sprung from a nightmare's claw
Thrice crows the dawn cock
The mist is on the moor

Tosspint cries from croaking gills
Thank God
And friends know we got the indo
No I'm not a sucker sitting in a House of Pain
And no I'm not the butler, I'll cut you
Head-butt you, you say
I'm fuckin limbos, lay on the wingfin

By the way I be blingin, the pay that I bring in
Mind spendin a day with the kingpin?
Answer yo cell, all day
Remember girl where we coming from
I'm the one to who you belong
Woo yea

Girl you keep me sprung
You I don want another one

Why does it have to be
I got ticket in my hand 
So baby let's just up and leave

I'm that romantic type
Who likes do thing right
Make love by candle-light
'Cause I'm
wide open when them dos start to rise
I'm on another level iced link chain
I'm sprung like T-Pain
When they lookin at the puzzle mo press then Fort Knox
our gun hands tied
For this old world has seen the worst of us
Its love worn thinner by the day
And every ounce of havoc, that we wreaked upon it
Pops is dealin'
And on top of that got moms sprung
Scheming of the top
Pops never figured
That he'd go down by the hands of another nigga
Now my
[Verse 1]
Often caught up in the game, how can I explain
But no pain no gain so I can't complain
If it's not a plane it's a train, I'm switchin'
I love you, and will always love you.
When I'm without you I feel so alone.

When I was young I didn't know you existed,
But introduced to you
and daughters
Owned by the nights
But they ain't all of that
Tainted cats freaks to roll
Cool in the packs
I'm in the basement mixing
Tripping off my lips
When love is my shepherd, 
And he leads me down, 
To where troubled water 
Sprung up from the ground 

I found the answer 
Now it seems so

Drenched by the rain, 
Almost blinded by the sun. 
I'm too awake for walkin', 
But I'm much too tired to run. 

I just want to let my feet