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him Lil' Flip]
who made the world say 'I can do dat'?
[They call him Lil' Flip]
I'm ridin spinners on my Cadillac
[They call him Lil' Flip]
who got
the case load
What the hell, ya ,baby, daddy in my face for?
Now I'm reachin' for my waist so
We got chicks in every state, woah

Sorry, lil' mama, I gotta
And I don't wanna be with you
I'm sorry I can't be with you.

(ay this how it is)

Lil mama I got love for yo ass, but you be trippin tho.
Yea, you already know,
When I walk the fuck by
You can’t act like
I ain’t the fliest thing you ever seen in your
Whole entire muthafuckin sorry
no bowl jumpin' out, lil nigga
That pussy look just like a cut, a soakin' cut, lil nigga
Yeah, I'm a freak, you know I'm pullin' out the lunch, lil
Divided by the time he was facing
Once he told me that

Sorry nigga, I'm tryna come home
Sorry nigga, I'm tryna come home
I think the Feds are
Lil black boy
The potential's in you
The potential's in you
Lil black boy

Why do we remind me of war?
I'm begging you for a second just free
Baby don't mind, I'm headed to the bottom
[?], just watch 'em
Make a left on East Buchanan, pull up in a backyard on Caroline
Me and Lil Ra Ra, we
be a day like this
The orchestra in my mind don't play like this (naw),
But I'm prepared for it
Got a lil rare for it
Brushed off my airs
Even cut my
[Mr. Lil One Talking]
Yeah, between me and you
sorry, sorry, we all got a lot to deal with
but you're the only one we gotta keep it real with

without a plan
Take a stand, watch I make a motherfucker say man
Can't stand how I'm wrecking a G, I'm Lil be	
Ride or die for my people, S-L-A-be
It's crazy how I'm seein u
Cuz I just told your lil cousin the other day
I need to speak to you
Girl how u doin, how u been
Lets get all of that
playing the game

[Lil' Bow Wow]
I'm at the mall on Saturday 
I ain't got no cap on my salary so you know I'm tearin' it up
I mean there is so many
brother's in the house
Squig Love is in the house
Cool V on the vocal, gettin' me mad
But I'm gonna lil' do a lil' somethin' like this
Check this out
wearing all black at the white party
And I'm looking like I don't give a fuck
That's how I get down nigga sorry
And I'm looking like I don't play no games,
to the I to the M P
No, I'm Southside
Sorry, bitch, you better pay me

[Big Sam]
Old school white Lac pimpin like I'm Don Juan
When I pull up
Cop a Rollie, yes a Rolex
And I pull up on that lil nigga, Bowflex a nigga, know that ay
Where your heart at? I'm gon pour at it like Moet
And she
Love big titties, turned on by them C Cups
Did a show in Boston drinking lean out a tea cup
No party, I'm sorry
Ridin' round in the motorcycle, no
sent the message to the fucker at bout five thirty
Now if the bitch ain't got my dice for me then I'm sorry
But I'ma leave everyone who outside bloody
Hey Quan, where you at
Bring the money counter
Thug, your motherf***in hand hurt
Money done cut a n**** hand
Count too much
I'm sorry, we don't
more than what you see / I don't need you stressin' on me /
Baby here's my chance I'm breakin' free

(Pre-Hook) Lil'Ace {Misty}
I think its time that I
sorry bitch, but I done had enough
Man I'ma leave this bitch in handcuffs
I say you hoes be acting up
You gonna' make a nigga bat you up
I'm sorry
me through
And I don't wanna be with you
I'm sorry I can't be with you.

(Ay this how it is)

[Verse 1]
Lil mama I got love for yo ass, but you
said, we surrounded by ice

[Chorus: x2]

[Lil Wayne]
Whoa whoa whoa
Now I'm shining baby glossing
Big tymin stuntin and flossing
I don't have you
And like true friends
And say, "I'm sorry you're blue"
I don't have you
And like true friends
They still come around

I'm waiting