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I wanna know your ways
By: Fred Hammond

(Verse 1)
Here I stand before you
Your glory is here
And it fills this place
And I am willing to
Do what I
little faggot ho. please give me some
Shit to work with, 'cuz right now I'm all it kid, suck my dick kid, like your
Daddy did.

Fred: who the fuck you
[Fred] Chopper City let 'em know!

I believe in gettin rich or die tryin
Niggaz is (?) and I'm a warrior like ninja stroll
It ain't nothin,
turbulants of life

[chorus :]
Time will not wait and my future feels so strange
Turning back to live once again
But I know
I'm condemned to die

on the wing
  I hang around with people
     and they don't suspect a thing
  You look like a person but you know you're a pig

  I'm not afraid of dying
And they don't suspect a thing
You look like a person but you know you're a pig

I'm not afraid of dying
From some mad man's gun or knife
When I was
Drop top, she was rockin the 2Pac
Said, "Yo D, not me, whatchu got?"
D said, "She's a vivrant thang..
vivrant thang, vivrant thang"

for me. 
The whole pop world. 

This is a phat beat, by the way. 
And I'm talkin' P.H. phat. 
Thank you uh, to uh, DJ Lethal. 
For this phat beat.
with fire
So let it fall and take us higher.
Healing rain, I'm not afraid
To be washed in Heaven's rain.

Lift your heads, let us return
To the mercy
Let me tell you about the bat by my front door 

I'm not afraid of being afraid, I'm only fearful 
I'm not afraid of being afraid, I'm only fearful
all done this fall

Boys, send my Mother my wages--the wages I have earned
Cause I am afraid, boys, my last steer I have turned
I'm going to a new
tenderness I will kiss your red lips 
Not the past or the future shall daunt me 

But that day ain't here just yet 
So I'm stuck here on this roller
Getting used to losing you is not an easy thing to do
For anyone can see I'm missing you
I still hurt the same old way and it grows worse day by
Nobody knows what waits ahead
Beyond the earth and sky
Lie-d Lie-d Lie
I'm not afraid to die

And there the work of my own hand
Be broken by
Recorded by Hank Williams, Sr.
Written by Fred Rose

[E] Met my future wife today
And her name is Kathy Mae
[A] Rootie Tootie, (Rootie Tootie)
Call me Efrem Zimbalist,
Get me Bobby Kennedy,
Then call Dave Ben-Gurion, too.
Then tell Carol Baker I'm home, now;
Tell her Mastroianni sends
Afraid of commitment
Parties and engagements
And weddings on a Saturday night
I’m confused by rehab
Players playing unknown girls
And push into
the bar across the wall
Draw up the horses, spears at the ready
I'm not afraid to fight the war

I'm a brave man
Running through the rain
I'm a brave
together, coming apart
Lost in diversions, dancing stars
Caught in the quiet, off on our own
Coming together, standing alone

Are you afraid? I'm not afraid
love, may have just come to bury me
but i'm not afraid of what i see
i'm not afraid of the world

time, has gathered us here by coincidence
As we're leveled by the low, hot lights
And disarmed

I'm not afraid of anything even time
It'll eke away at everything but we'll be fine

I'm folded
As we're leveled by the low
Hot lights and disarmed

I'm not afraid of anything
Even time
It'll eke away at everything
But we'll be fine

I'm folded
This pleasure book I'm writing
Doesn't give me any thrill
All it does is prove conclusively
Where there's a way there's Will

Who by the way
Tried to trail you last night, baby, trail you in my car 
But I was afraid of what I was looking for 
And little by little I'm losin' my love for
the work 'n' maybe later I'll rape her 

Oh God I am the American dream
I do not think I'm too extreme
An' I'm a handsome son of a bitch
I'm gonna get