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poppin than a blackhead, wreck the waxheads
I'm fed, (Go ahead, you retired tackhead)
Back to the fact of the track witta new thought
You couldn't smoke
that I'm going insane
Yesterday, I called my mother up on the phone (hello?)
She said, "son when are you coming home?
How many places do you have
ones out there feeding on the wounded and the bleeding 
They always are the first to see the cracks upon the walls 
When I started this song I was
See, my brother Chris, he's been in for more than 14 years now
Our dad was in the Navy during Vietnam
Did his duty then he got out
And my grandpa
a normal thang
Before brothers bought Benz's, used to drive Mustangs
12 years later, and I'm still in the game
All my life all I wanted was a few hoes
on the rose
The only come up was to slang a lil' dope
But now I'm standin at the pen, G
They tryna lock me up 
Cause Uncle Sam couldn't tax me
My bills are