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The sound that you're listenin' to
Is from my guitar that's named Lucille
I'm very crazy about Lucille
Lucille took me from the plantation
Or you
The sound that you're listening to is from my guitar
That's named Lucille. I'm very crazy about Lucille.
Lucille took me from the plantation. Oh
By Michael Jackson
Transcribed by Frantic Freddy; What I Hear Is What You Get (errors included)
You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation
a day
Once a day all day long
And once a night from dusk till dawn
The only time I wish you weren't gone
Is once a day every day all day long
I'm so glad
need born again to be free
I'm singin' you little girls and boys spoofs
All you do is ignore me
Though I have been sent here to inform you
And there's