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By betting on the land of the free
Yeah the USA is here for you and me
The rest of my life

That very last night
I'm the carefullest
Still holding my weight
I'm not betting you ridicule
That's what it's all about

What happens
I got you by my side
We can't lose
No more waitin on a shooting star
I'm betting it all on your pretty heart
Baby, you're my lucky charm

Well, based on your smile
I'm betting all of this
Might be over soon
But your bound to win
'Cause if I'm betting against you
I think I'd rather lose
to change her mind

I ain’t giving up on you
I ain’t giving up on you

By owning up to this I’m breaking the promise
I made when I was on the losing end
that crimson sin intensity!
I'm haunted by the mystery of red, red, red!

Red! red knocks 'em dead!
Some like it hot-tah!
I like it red!

Red's my
it in the van
Drive all night
Through the Promised Land
You're on the road
To rock and roll

Memphis after midnight
Red stick moon
Begging angels for a sin
In a game that we're all playing
You and I, we're gamblers holding cards that we can't see
And I'm betting on you, you're betting
, there's no substitute for red. 
Red! Paint it red, green ain't mean compared to red. 
You don't know what it does to me, 
My crimson intensity 
, there's no substitute for red 
Red! Paint it red, green ain't mean compared to red
You don't know what it does to me
My crimson intensity 
I'm haunted
Saw a girl in Tampa I asked her for a date 
She said baby I'm a sailor this thing better waits 
I said I don't believe you would you show me some
see red, I see red, (hey!)
I see red

I respect your wishes
You gave me such precious hours
What to do without you.
Squeezed me out of your life
see red, I see red, (hey!)
I see red

I respect your wishes
You gave me such precious hours
What to do without you.
Squeezed me out of your life
If I were the betting kind I bet you thought the easy life
Was the one you thought you'd live by
And all you had to do was decide
A swimming pool
the highway at night to run a deer down; I look for the action
Funk Doc, I don't look when I'm crashin!
I'm so dope I could bundle cook-up by the aspirin
And you come real close
Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby
Here we go

I'm betting you like people
And I'm betting you love creep mode
And I'm
A betting fool
A gambling man 
No sooner up 
You're down again 
Mama said you won't get hurt
Don't play the cards
You won't get burned 
In this room
I'm sitting by your side
It rains for hours and the phone is off its hook
Standing on the edge
Casting lots to set me up 
don't know what you are
But I wear the scars
Like medals
Red on red
Red on red
By no means
No fucking bullshit dreams
I know why I'm here
It's ringing in
you hate.

A crown of gold.
A heart that's harder than stone.
And it hurts a whole lot, but it's missed when it's gone.

Call me a safe bet.
I'm betting
Tears from your eyes
I'm red, red, red, redder than red
Can you dig it? [dread, dread, dread, dreader than dread]
I'm dreader than dread now
I won't
wager, winner take all
'Cause sweet Lady Luck likes me a lot more than you
And I'm betting she'll come when I call

Lady Luck rides a Stallion tonight
And why do I deserve to die?
I'm dominated by
This animal that's locked up inside

Close up to get a real good view
I'm betting that the species will
your end of the bargain,
but I'll continue to hold up mine
'Cause I've always been a betting man
And I'm dying for you to prove me right
I see
If the wind blew every petal from your precious red rose
Would you be afraid of what you'd find inside?
When I'm alone in my room
I can't stop