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I'm thinkin' of
Cause you already know my love

I can't say there's a hundred percent chance
That this will turn into a storybook romance
Hell, we
I'm tryin' to comeback but it's too late
'Cause I know that you'd be

Already gone, you're already gone
Baby, come back, don't turn away, away
and a circus clown it's so funny.
I can't wait to see everything there.

I feel like I'm already there.
I must see her fly through the air.

Horse running
The battle I'm fighting's already been fought
The man I'm losing's already been lost
I've been down this road, I've seen all the signs
of things between us and every one of them would be a mile
I already know what I'm getting...

At last I'll be happy on my birthday by getting where your
'cause I'm already callin' you baby

There's nobody here to see
These sparks between you and me
We'd better be careful my love, or these woods will be
her up and told her exactly how I felt
Then she said there's something that you really ought to know.

I'm already taken you spoke up too late
I have got so much to give
And to learn what it takes to give
Love was already there to be found

I`m standing in the open door
I am leaving now
traded in the darkness and I'm already there
I'm already there

And I'm tryin' to make some friends
So if you see that movie star and me
called her up and told her exactly how I felt
Then she said there's something that you really ought to know

I'm already taken
You spoke up too late
change nothing 

I'm already taken
I've been taken by your ways
I'm already taken
And by the things you do
There's no mistaking the way that I feel
Yeah I don't think that I'm complaining
Sometimes it keeps on raining
Oh but don't be frightened by thunder and lightning
The sun comes out
love you

The love you need is already there
When you need it, I'm gon' be there
The love you need is already here (Put it in cruise control)
the serpent went
Watching many moons go by around your head
Close enough to feel that I'm cold inside
I've seen you shake and now I know why

Oh, I know
I got you by my side

So I'm holdin' on
I'm feelin' strong, baby you're the one
For all my life!
Yeah I'm holdin' out, there ain't no doubt
I can't
Stop tryin' baby, it's too late
Yeah, I'm already gone
I guess our love wasn't strong
There's nothing left for you to say
Yeah, I'm gone, yeah I'm
already had enough
Deep in my soul baby
Deep in your soul and by your side
Deep in my soul
It's so big and I'm still alive
They've gotta hear it from
The things we used to do when we were young
Back when things were simple
And getting up was fun
I couldn't care cause I'm already there

I'm just a fool.

And if you say it now,
There are already roses on our grave.

I've never counted on the road quite like this.
It's the only
Girl, I'm already there
It's been over, I don't know why
You're holding on when I'm not going
I'm not going, I'm not going, I'm gone.

What you're hearing
by piece
They cut me deep and bled me dry until there was nothing left to bleed

And this is how I choose to live
As if I'm jumping off a cliff
When you're facedown 
On the ground
I'm in last place 
If I place at all 
But there's hope for this underdog!
That's the way, uh-huh, we like it!
Girl, I'm already there
It's been over
I don't know why you're holdin' on
I'm not goin', I'm not goin', I'm not goin'
I'm gone

What you're
Baby, you can have it all

I ain't, I ain't coming back
I've already been there, done that
And I'm done with you messing with my mind
The last time
said they saw me, swinging the world by the tail
Bouncing over a white cloud, killing the blues.

Now I'm guilty of something
I hope you never do