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to meet the record-breaking mammoth of a man 
Who was a killing machine 
But it didn't shake David 
'Cause he was smart enough to know 
It's more
This beat, yeah
Hop in this thang, yeah
With David Guetta, yeah
And Afrojack, yeah
Now all my ladies, yeah
Go ahead and get sexy, yeah

And if
Gemini, this Twin Peaks like David Lynch do
Or does, bustin off for every place I been though
I'm hard to see through like lodges wit no windows
machine gun
And I'm macking on your hoe macking on your little sister
When I get stressed 
send both them bitches to the ?? switchers
The SKS hit ya make ya
the deuce to the ten
Vinnie a carnivore y'all is arugula fem
Mecca Medina followed by Jerusalem then
I'm a gorilla from the Biblical zoo with the pen
just to be pleased
Used to dream about livin' now I'm livin' my dreams
The bitches fiend, made my dick a machine
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I am just
10 centuries, impressions and memories
The first time the machine inventor will mention me
Canibus was a visionary indeed
He believed light could