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thing is to give you up

I’m overcome by shame cause I can never change
You can never understand my sickness
(I’ll never understand my sickness

It's got me deep blue
You know I'm deep blue

When you stand there, watch tired bodies
Full of sickness and pain
To show you just how helpless you
But I'm very sure; we're damned for downfall.
Children of damnation, slaved until death
The mankind is the living end of the world
A spreading
my own grave
You were asking, you, you were asking
And with two steps, I'm saved

Living in colour, living in colour
I can see the paint on your
This soul of mine

I have been chosen to murder the living
I have been chosen to kill you slowly

It grips me, the sickness that now dwells
I'm the lord of the dead
Servant to the darkside
The master of enslavement
The face of agony
Through my darkened empty soul
Flows boiling blood
that's never ending
There is a rain falling only on me

There is a dream I am living
There is a life I'm dreaming of
There is a death I'm awaiting
Swept on by the current of selfish ambition
Frightened ashamed and afraid of the blame
The questions are screaming the answers are hiding
they was loving us
Man it was large as shit

Verse 1 (JT the Bigga Figga)

Check the sickness, forget this game that you missing
So I understand
I've been blessed by the great pain of living 
My path is hard, my way is damn heavy 
Through the cold, ice cold snow 
In the cold I will walk
falling (you were falling) 
On the way to the battle 
I'm living it my way 
Living with the sickness created in you 
I want to love you forever 
But on the other side it didn't say nothing
That side was made for you and me

In the shadow of the steeple I saw my people
By the relief
You'll never lack for customers

I'm willin'
I'm illin'
I gotta get my sickness off
Gotta run, gotta ride
Gotta gun, gotta hide, Gotta go
and torn
Decayed forever, beyond the great divide we fall

Conceptual utopia, by the end I'm the next one in line
Down my neck!

Retribution, my anger
3 years gone 
I’m still searching for the future of the broken young
This isn’t living it’s surviving without hope
(Hold on)
Protect everything
myself,the sin in myself is the affliction
So I'm saying I'm sickness myself
Prescriptions won't help, I'm pissed with myself
Enraged, I'm enslaved, so I'm
Accidentally staring at the sun
Shining through the filthy glass windows
Broken bottles in the bedsheets dangle bloody naked with a gun
I'm living in this
down and living it up
And by the morning feel the sickness of a blistering cup
Wondering if I've been feeling it, picking the ground
Like a thousand
another shorty to bag, 
Same thing e'eryday, groundhog under grass
Man, turn the music up 'cuz I don't wanna hear the truth
'Bout the things I'm living
And blood in his eyes
And he's looking at you, kid
As he races on by
So watch out for his hooves
They're going to kill you for sure
He's got some kind
I’m living fo is dead and I’m the living proof
Shoot, the sky’s fallin’, ain’t no need to panic
Unless we party ‘til it cracks, seeing Jesus standin’
And the girls grew up to be 'pretty and wise 
They said "you could have seen the dream by looking in our 'eyes
'You were always living in the 'world of pretend
allowed by me
'cause I don't got time to play
I'm the black whole lyricist that'll take your shine away
Darkness at any time of day
I'm the Technique
at my kids, baby mama never home
Serg and his boys got a problem cause I'm Boosie
Surrounded by rats so they can tell on me, crew shit
Same with
lightly begins to rain screams of terror 
Are hidden by the passing trains 
This can't be little Shane, his uncle cried 
As he drops to his nephew's