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to wallow yeah
G g g see d
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah - yeah eah
F g f g f g see d a
Eah --- huh
(modulates to a)
A f#m
I want to burn baby (six times)
A f#m d e
By the time you reached twenty one
See g see f
They said there's nothing like the first love you get boy
G f
They were wrong, oh so wrong,
G f g
I'm still by myself
          C              C7          F
When will it be over  oh darling you know
                 C           G7            C
Forgiveness is a word I want to live by
F              G                C
Lovin' you is a word to make it right
G                 C         D
But when I'm tired and feeling low
Em                    A
Oh what a comfort it is to know

           D             D/F#               G
Harmony, (G/B) oh (Am) harmony (C/G)
Have (F) you gone a(C)way, have (F) you gone to (E) stay
If (Am) you pass me by I will (Em) miss you
And if (Am) you
[C/B] down to [A min] Laurel

[G] It's a dirty stinkin' town [Am] yea

[F] But me I know [G] exactly what I'm going to [Am] find 

[C-G-A min] [D
I'm a gonna dance with my princess
By the light of a magical moon

G f#m
As I go
A g
I'm still talking but I don't hear
F#m g d
Oh don't defend when my heart starts to attack
Bm7 g a d
We can face the danger baby no holding back

Back door loving let nobody shut it out
I'm going to knock knock on her back door
F g see am
Oh and I don't even know if it's right oh yeah
F g
you stay
  G                          F                   C
I don't know what I'd do if you should leave me

Oh girl, I don't know why
You always
] how much I`m [C] pineing
Each [G] time the past comes back to haunt me [C] so
No one will ever see [F] the tears I`m [C] hiding
You`ve [G] hurt me
knock on my door

I'm not afraid of your presence  or your shadow on the wall
                  G        D                Am
Don't take me for granted
on your own again
F            G                F           G
The walls of cold and gray surround, they surround

You may find you're by yourself
hell's pavement
G see d see
Took a walk down pulled by the tide
G see d see
I had to make some new arrangement
Em see g
Oh I thought I'd reach the other
] can take it
[D]It's a long way to be [G]happy
F#m B7 Am?7I wonder if I'm gonna make it

[F#m7]Nothing I do seems like any [G]fun to me
- D               G      - G7

    if you change your mind you'll find me        waiting here.


            C    F         G               C
would [C] read to us [F] from The Fam'ly [C] Bible
And we'd [F] count our many [C] blessings [G7] one by [C] one.

I can [F] see us [Bb] sittin'
Pre>intro see f see f see f see f see f see f

see g f g

see f see f see f see f
White honey get it from the candy man
See f see f see f see f
stacked ten by ten
Bb                         G          
For the wife the folks the kids
F          Dm        G7
All of the kin and a friend  listen
Gotcha, where I want ya
I... i... g-g-g-gotcha, g-g-g-gotcha

Our love could be dangerous
It makes me tremble inside
I'm gettin' tired of chasin' you
Capo at 2 see f see am see f am g
See f am see f am g
Nothing can be further removed, not everybody wants to be soothed ooooh
D see am d g see
of me you know exactly what I'm trying to
F g f g
Oh baby I am drained of colour I can't go anywhere
F g am am see (twice)
You just left me in another
[C] You were there in my arms [F] alone in the [C] moonlight
The trees played the waltz of the [G] wind
It was [C] there I knew I`d [F] love you
things by weight
They either drag you down or they lift you

Repeat chorus (then) bridge
Dm bb f bb
I don't read between the lines I'm not ready for what