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Finally got myself together (now I know)
Now I know just who I am (I'm a changed man)
Finally got myself together (but now I know)
Now I know just
and me
Yeah eah ah

We are together

She's got that sadness
She twinkles like a witch
And you conjure a love spell
I'm gonna give
finally see where I was going
Didn't matter where I'd been I'm not the same man I was then

I got off track, I made mistakes
Back slid my way into that

Caught up to meet Him
Can't wait see Him
When He cracks the sky
Can't wait to hold Him
By His touch I will know Him
Together Jesus
first impression
Oh nobody knows, nobody knows
How we're changed by decompression

Look at the crazy people heading for the bay
(you're telling me I'm
I finally broke the spell
You had hangin' over me

Now I'm fine
I'm really feelin' fine
Got to get myself together
And move it on down
I say no
Now I watch myself explode
My body is scarred by age
Now you get to taste my rage

From the wreckage of humiliation
I got my self
, like it or not, 
Said I'm a family man, holding onto what I've got,
I'm a family man, right by damn, 
I finally, find out what I am is a family man
all my life

Some years are clear and some a little blurry
Man how they fly by
Mom and dad sure got old in a hurry
Where have I been all
Hey hey hey hey everybody
I got something to say
I met this man named Jesus
And I ain't never been the same
You know my heart's been changed
killed me
And I withdrew inside my shell
With the contracts and the lawsuits
I started heavy drinking,
'Til I finally lost touch with myself

man, you know, to sing a worried song

I've got issues, yeah
Like I miss you, yeah
And I wish I weren't so thick
I'm making myself sick

If that phone
I got drunk by myself last night

they say it's no way to make things right

I just didn't have anything better to do.

The dog was asleep
From day one I fell in love with you,
But now I ask myself who are you

You've changed, you've changed
You got dough and changed
know it

You won't believe how much I've changed since you left
It took losing you for me to find myself
Oh I wish that you could see me
said farwell what'd he say in a southern song stories told still here long the day the freebird fell


(verse 2) pulled myself together
tell dog
Did it, did it, did it by myself, by myself dog
Blew up and I'm in the city still, I'm still here dog

How did I finesse all of this shit
country day
I got to have it that way.

I make myself a livin' off a haulin' on junk,
A man can live on thrivin from searchin' the dump.
I'm just
at myself
And ask myself why I got a thread
A thread that I'm holding on for sandy
My minds taking things that are going on
Close to the soul
I've changed my hair, my clothes, almost
Everything about myself
I can't believe I tried to be somebody I'm not
For someone else, yeah
It took
the galaxy

See I don't think you value what you got
See look in your hands
I'm just tryin' to be I hate to spoil your plains
We from separate destinies
I got so many thoughts jumping out of my head
And I can't sit still
I'm thinking about the universe
I'm looking at life on earth
I can't shut
love to you
 'cause now I finally understand
 That I've got to be a better man


 Girl, I swear to you I've changed
 Things won't be
a man come in
Open up, let a man come in

Here I come, here I come
I'm comin' in any type of weather
Comin' 'cause I got myself together
Open up,
and you,
But you know it could have been different dad.

The word brings back a sweet memory.
I'm sitting on a bluff on a broken tree,
By my side