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I rock Gucci I rock Bally at the same damn time
On the phone cooking dope at the same damn time
Selling white selling mid at the same damn time
though you make me wanna cry
Hey, if you gonna tell anything, then you should have told everything
Instead of making me the bad guy
If you got nothing
take what I got coz I'll be takin it right back
[Ruthless gangsta] Cold killin
You wanna know what it's means
With the stupid dope rhyme
So once you hear
[Akir:] Yo tech, it's the last call baby it's good
[Immortal Technique:] Yeah, you know a remix just feels right dog?
[Akir:] Before we get
attacks in stereo sound
Pull out my dick and I'll piss all on your burial ground
You better not clown or ever try to fuck with my committee