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on my mind
It would take a miracle
But someday maybe I'll find

That I'm in the loving arms of someone
That I'll know, know he's the someone
to know that I can't hold you
All the ties that bind have somehow come undone
Maybe someday I will love another but I'll miss you for tears to come
guess I'll be moving on
I'll just leave these daisies by your stone
And momma, I still miss you every day
But I know I'm gonna get there someday

away by 'are ol' cancer, and ol' Red could do nothin' for 'are that day

I know the kids gonna miss you honey, and you know Red gonna miss you too
find me then, right there in the middle

Rick of wood stacked by the porch
Black lab pup scratching at the door
Two little boys sayin' 'daddy's back'
I remember wasting time
Watching as the planes fly by
I remember hearing the engines echoing through the sky

And they used to say
That someday
you right by my side
Down with you baby, I'll spend all my time

We said we'd write a book someday 
About a boy who'd always strayed
A girl who
promise that I'll be back someday
You know I'll miss you,
Please don't fade away
Don't fade away

I gotta go, leave here by three
Something's waiting
With feelings of a new day
But what we feel I know we'll, miss
And someday I'll look back at this
And know by then the life that we were meant
Is that this could happen to me 
Lady Grace she said she'll be so fine 
Someday I'll make her mine all mine 

Oh oh oh Miss Grace 
almost came as good news
It may sound funny but it's true I think I'm better off with the blues.

Listen, I must admit that I miss you sometimes
I've been kissed before 

Many loves have I 
You were just one more 
But someday I'll be kissed 
And maybe I'll doubt 
That I've been kissed before
little thing, that ball and that chain must be ten thousand pounds
Must be dragging you down by now

So fly away, fly away like you've always wanted
the gutter go floatin' by
No, baby, I don't know why all God's children cry
I'll miss your skin, as golden as your wheatfield hair
And where you go I hope
A cigarette fills an empty room
Smell of heartbreaks and cheap perfume
Photos scattered across my wall
Maybe someday I'll take them off, but I miss
Might even ride back through Phoenix someday
Might even stop for awhile
But branded, no never! I´ll not be tied down

Trapped by a fair lady´s
much I miss you.
You're the one that got away.
You're gonna hear your song someday.

Now I'm talking to the sweet thing,
Backstage in Tennessee.
you`ve gone to 
When they play a song 'bout a love gone wrong 
And you see me cryin', well, that don`t mean I miss you 

When I said I was crazy for
Thinkin about a cut a rug, rub a dub
Bubble at the Q club,
Type of Female just for DL
Little miss Uhh, that's what im'a call her
And she gonna
Might even ride back through Phoenix someday
Might even stop for awhile
But branded, no never! I´ll not be tied down

Trapped by a fair lady´s
But one little boy who sat by himself
Was reading a letter he had
You could plainly tell by the look on his face
That the contents of it made him sad
we are the best, yeah.
But as impress, which we approve
And yeah, we realize that we are on the move,
So listen closely so y'all don't miss
As we
to be my friend. 
Maybe someday I'll see you again, 
And I wanna tell you from my heart, 
I know what it's like to be apart. 
I miss you boy, 
I miss you
the face of MC Rick, and said
So we can go cruising in my OJ, and what?
I'll give you all my love today
What? Ricky Ricky Ricky what?
Somehow your words
The piano is not firewood yet
But the cold does get cold
So it soon might be that
I'll take it apart, call up my friends
And we'll warm up our hands by