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God, getting fucked by Hopsin, do you know how awesome that would be? Ah"

Ramona, mona, Ramona, mona
Ramona, mona, Ramona, mona, Ramona
This bitch
Lately don't nobody feel my rhymes
Dizzy blowin' up tryna steal my shine
I'm all outta ammo, my skills just died
But, "Oh my God, I love 'Ill Mind 5
Well, now that you've all prepared yourselves for the madness
I present to you, Hopsin and Tech N9ne!

See I be bangin on niggas with rapping voodoo
Funk Volume
C'mon, keep sleepin' on me
Hollywood ass rappers
Bitch ass females
That's enough to make a nigga flip

Yeah, I erupt like
itch I scratch it
Your soul, without your throat I'll snatch it
Juggalo love can never match it
Blew out my mattress, fucking fat chicks
You'll never
us with that Ill Mind shit
And that was cool as hell
But when it comes to your album
You ain't ever got no news to tell
Your whole career is just
I'll stab you in the brain with a knife
You can keep that in mind
You talkin' shit inside yo house?
Cool, fine, fuck it
I'll break in and stomp you
I’m not lucky!
Outside of Hopsin is nobody who loves me!
I come home, to absolutely nothing!
Nobody pays any mind to Marcus!
They treat me like
between you two, not me!
What the hell does that have to do with my cheese!”
She said, “Ok, ok, stop please
I swear I’ll pay it all back Marcus, in five
Same niggas always name droppin' like
"aye hopsin, I rap too, I'm tryna get paid off it
Dre heard my shit and said it was great
I'll probably
really out of your mind bitch

I swear I thought you was my lady
Now you having another niggas baby
It was supposed to be me and you
But after all
Uh, Hopsin. Yo

I've come to conclusion that life sucks
The only good that comes out of it is
Sticking my dick into nice butts
So if it's wetter
Right back on top of things
Blowing up without dropping names
And I'm lifted
Locked the game, but if I go down to Hopsin lane
I guarantee I'll
with living
Satan I'll be there in a minute
How the fuck you boxing with god bitch when your arms are missing
No religion but my mom's a christian
off like an acrobat on a trapeze
And I'll be lashing back like a Shaq attack on these rap beats
You thought that I was done with completely being
a dick, suck a dick, suck a dick
And by the way, suck a dick
You don't like it and eat shit then slit your wrists
And jump off a roof and land in a pool
Wasting my time, 
Resting my mind 
And I'll never pine 
For the sad days and the bad days 
When we was workin' from nine to five. 
And if you
long, but I still don't know who Hopsin is
How come I'm the one my teachers used to have a problem with?
I show my music to different labels, they ain't
Stop and listen
I'll rock it wicked, no competition on the shit
You gotta get it, there's nothing hotter than it
A whack rapper's what Hopsin
records that Hopsin sold
You sleeping on a fucking pot of gold, so listen close

Don't you ever call me again
I'm not your buddy
I'm not your pal
Right here
bullying everybody like I'm Brutus (who)
So don't underestimate me, I do this, truest
I'm calm and ill but still drop bombs, I kill
You know the deal, with
yapping son
So when you see me, uh-oh, little faggot run
I got way too much that's going on in my life to have to deal with these bitch haters
I'll fuck
dead broke tomorrow morning,
With heart-aches by the dozen,
And a lady on my mind that's driving me crazy.

I've got two dollars in the jukebox,
And five
And Lord knows the thing that worries me the most
Is who yer don' it with
That's why, if you don't mind,
|5 2d13 5d7/7
I'd like to sing these
dead broke tomorrow morning,
With heart-aches by the dozen,
And a lady on my mind that's driving me crazy.

I've got two dollars in the jukebox,
And five