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(We can take it slow-ooo)
(No one has to know-ooo)

Oh Oh lets make a porno
You can taste me ill eat ya up like DiGiorno
Don't be shy that's
she's a ho by nature
Takes one to know one fo' sho' I'm a player

She ain't really happy 'less she lickin' a dick
With a sucker-ass nigga that be trickin'
To show you things you've never knew 
Don't have to do it all by yourself 
In just a little while you'll see 
That things will turn around 

the next day at 9:00
That kid'll be working for me bright and early
Waxin for me, Filin taxes for me-- suckin dick for me
What did you dream, what did you
by a bad ass bitch? (Yeah that's me) Hm?

Now Super Socka with Gin and Seagrams and sweet and sour
Sippin, suckin on my sausage gave the stripper some
by nature
Takes one to know one fo'sho' I'm a player
She ain't really happy 'less she lickin a dick
with a sucker-ass nigga that be trickin an' shit
Jews, nigga

I’ll be at these wars, I still be living by rules
So when I run in the dudes
You know we’re stumping in the mood
Pop and lock go
That catch the lights up on the Ferris wheel
But what I really want I just can't buy

Here comes the twenty first century
It's gonna be much better
hate it
Found a woman in the dumpster, body was mutilated
Bad dreams all up in my head, no lie
Sometimes I gotta take a sniff so I can get by, why
you any damn thing that you want
You want flowers, I'll buy your ass a rose
But later on you're coming out them panyhose
You want gold? Girl what's
feed ya, really need Hennessy
That be my fucking reliever
Why you wanna stand and cry the most
All you think I'll get up for you to try the coat
So this the music that made white people mad
Yeah, this the shit to blow your speakers out
This the shit you dream about
You can have the world, it's
all fits drunk and bratty
All this bitches on my dick in the vip lounge
Fieldy's a pimp, so I'll buy another round
Round 'em up quick, I'm flossing
At the precinct, it's like an AA meeting all gone wrong
I.A. got an eye, on my close friend guy for taking a supply from evidence from a bust on a buy
That doesn't
I get your ass gone permanently
It ain't complex
I'll just bang holes or you're ablin' to ask who next
Do a drive-by on your project, take
I hope that we endure it

I don't wanna ask for too much
All I know is dreams are made for two, babe
Dreams are made for two, babe
Without your
Think I'll get my dick sucked by this basshead bitch
My marriage is all sucked, my wife is with the neighbors
Subpeonaed, now I gotta sign these
and I'm still stuck in mine. 
But I know I'll always remember the time. 
A cowboy once had, a millionaire's dream. 
And Lord I loved that lady wearin'
The head's not the museum it's supposed to be
We sleep with machines that breathe
And some even have names the executive dream

We're all so sincere
for a little love
All they want to do is take you down to the mall
Floss a little dick and get a t-shirt that say miss Snoop Dogg
I don't see a god
growin' up fucked up, I grew up with a mentally ill mother, so it's no wonder that I'm slightly askew,
Her fanatical religious views had me sittin' in pews
Oh buy a ticket for a plane and come and see me baby 
Or drive your car all night by just starlight 
To Canada 
That's where I'll be 
live it, come pay me a visit,
And I'll be somewhere up in the sky
My nigga it's 'bout to go down, oh
We fly, it's not lie, that we high, 'til we die, oh
to champagne, but I'll buy you a beer. 
She said you've got me figured out, but I'm not what I seem 
And for a dance I'll tell you 'bout these tight fittin'
broad fronted y'all, like she miss thing.
And damn, how the bitch seem she's a dick fiend.
Although I won't elaborate, I'll say she lick things and get