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Pure Prairie League
I'm almost ready
To let you know just how bad I feel
I'm almost ready

To let you loose and find another heart to steal
Come listen to my tale 'bout a pretty little girl
That I chanced to meet on the prairie
T'was a night in June by the western moon
That I met my
this river's banks are blown
The sea refuses no river
Whether stinking and rank
Or red from the tank
Whether pure as a spring
There's no damned
had a mask
I'd cover these bleeding eyes
They're bloodshot now, but they'll be black by dawn
If I wake up now, I can be pure again

I've made
he's like a stream in flood
Swollen by the storm
He doesn't care if he sheds his blood
Let him be reborn

The sea refuses no river
Remember that
league my soul to Satan, Lucifer and Belzebuth,
and deny god and the son of Jesus Christ,
The holy spirit and the nine hearts of angels.
I'll worship
other choice except to get a little love 
We rise above 
We be fittin' like a glove 
The pain in my heart is getting dosed by joy 
We have no other
to the bite
So test the teeth, nigga feel the grief
Bloodthirsty, observe as I rehearse thee murder plan
White man can't kill like my pen
I'll be damned if

Don't try your magic spells on me
I know you've been crystal gazing
You say your boots are seven league
Where 'er you go, I'll be waiting!
inculcating unholy brainwaves depicting faces of pure evilness
God bless mankind be put to the test
Temptations of darkness consumes society into a hell-like
you think there's anyone higher?
He said.. ("Don't be a God damned liar!")
You killed three D.T.'s yesterday, you heard me
But still the cops you
of the little league
If rap was a game you’d be M.V.P
Most Valued Puppet of this industry
Get your I.D, Independent? Fuck you!