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'cause in the long run, she could be your doctor 
And yu no fi mention dat to mi son, ((Dan?)) 
And me no want me little boy fi turn a gunman 

If yuh say
Yo! Of course I saw when Gwen Stefani grab him by him tie 
And carry him and introduced him to the naked guy and said don't be shy 
Weh yuh tink
Yuh switch from yuh kind 
And yuh nearly serve time 
Could a mix up in a babylon 
If yuh guilty you know the story 
But yuh bless by selassi hands
ready fi this
Mr. Lover keep yuh rockin di beat

I said hey (Hey) you (You) standin over there by that wall
Get (Get) up (Up) do your thing
beyond past conclusions
Rendering all my doubt and confusion unclear
If I could be anywhere
If I could be anywhere
If I could be anywhere right now I
my head

If I could just see you everything would be alright
If I could see you the darkness would turn to light
And I will walk
of sight and sound but of mind
I'm amazed by night's newest shadows
But if I could feel your moon's good intentions
Venus wants her frown and can not kiss
we are apart
Your presence's more than I can handle
It's come to the point where I wonder if I
Could ever be luckier when

Suddenly I'm back
I am merely debris 
Scattered along the ground 

A man in a cage
An explosion without a sound

to drown
So why am I ten feet under and upside down?
Barely surviving has become my purpose
Because I'm so used to living underneath the surface

If I could
if we can't agree
How the world turns
Who made the sun
Who owns the sea
The world we know will fall piece by piece

Sat down up close
the place
And still it somehow don't seem right
Something in the moon could change
These endless days to lonely nights

I take a stroll down by the sea
This plan is only surface
And I do not deserve this.
I'm wondering if I'll withstand
To stand alone and stand to scream to the world:
I'm through
it's day or night
If only my cries
Could reach the surface
Inhabitated by mankind

They're searching for lives
Deception prevails, more corpses are
here my lovely?
If all I had was me

And it slaps me in the face
Until the surface of my skin grows numb
I'm tired of the lack of embrace
Could you
First I drank insecticide
A little more each day
Followed by dirty and sugary foods
Grown where the light was grey

Later my thoughts were small
shorty by my side
Gallang so nuh bag a noise (Nuh bag a noise)
Burn up I'll pop and hit them by surprise
You better not move, when I say freeze
Then it could have been this hype that usually shovel my snow
If I'm out of town or not, by my car he would know
Now it might have been this
You could do the same
It's the least you could do
'Cause it's a lonely little chain
If you don't add to it

Go on
Just go on
There's still
Rhythms have been beating a staccato marching feeling on my
Rice paper heart

If I could consume you down, I would
Then you would always be around
the way. 
Oh, this is as far as we got last time 
But if we go just another mile we will surface surrounded by grass & trees & the fly-over that takes
shorty by my side
Gallang so nuh bag a noise (Nuh bag a noise)
Burn up I'll pop and hit them by surprise
You better not move, when I say freeze
have learned that there is nothing in this world that can
be certainly for sure even if you play by the rules all the way
know poor could ah look so rich
She never seen nothing turn to something so quick
Soon as it drop she say, that's my shit

You ain't never hear
boot could leave such a deep impression on the surface of the moon, then the thrust of the rocket when it was landing should have forced two big mounds