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Uh, yeah. Uh-huh
We got Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth
And we're here to tell you to
And that's a fact, baby
Now you're gonna kick some lyrics
Like this,
that have

Been deceased. No more murderers, diseases, or suicides, it's time we all
Wake up and wipe the mucus from my sleepy eyes. And straighten
it's just a matter of time
Before your confidence will win out

I told my brother how to do the thing right
Lift up your head and show the world you
right now
Not gonna lie and say I understand
I just wanna be here for you if I can
To hold your hand and be by your side
And together we will get
to the game
Or being a ho, to the cocaine thang
Makin' a rush up, to keep 'em comin' back again
You oughta know by now it ain't no love for African
the mood
And move mountains with my hands
But just don't understand
Why this needle just won't move

Now they gonna say "poor N9ne, please you're fine
groovin' it has just begun
Four brothers who are blowin' our horns

We got a little message that you're gonna enjoy
Ain't no sense in dodgin' the facts
gonna be times when you're down and out
So listen now kid

Listen now son
I'll tell you what it's all about
You gotta try to keep your head above
gonna be all right.

I don't know why you're such a troublemaker
You'd think that maybe by now you'd see the light
Getting yourself torn up, boy,
Gather-me-grandchildren if you love a good mystery
Gather-me-grandchildren for a little church history
It's 2044
You're avoiding our
When it's time to get up you're gonna know it
You gonna get a feeling inside, you gotta show it
Come on relax and put your mind at ease
And forget
kick up a bit
Hype the snare, now I got a place to sit
And ride the track like a black mack in his 'lac
Hit the corner slow where the girls are
nothin... you're bluffin
But I'm callin your bluff to see if you're really tough
Show me your stuff... enough!
Shut up, close your mouth, put away your tap
In our town we have a State Attorney by the name of Janet Reno 
She locks brothers up for not paying their child support
In your town you may have
Treat you like a bady, hold you by the hand
I give you a yard, you try to take a mile
You're grinnin' in my face, callin' me your pal
My brothers comin'
at the age of nine
Now at twenty-one you're lower than low
Nowhere to turn, nowhere to go
My dividends and wares started to disappear
Where it ended up, I
He wouldn't say he cared at all if you asked him.
You're heading for a fall brother it goes right past him.
In another world he's in another place
with my race
Now face, your maker and take your last breath
The time is half past death
Now what the fuck's this all about?

If you're less than

Not gonna lie and say I understand
I just wanna be here for you if I can
To hold your hand and be by your side
And together we will get through
Gotta be the illest brother to claim respect
It takes the illest brother just to get respect
Got to be the illest brother when it`s time
a set-up.
So now I'm gonna get up.
Even if the FBI wants me to shut up.
But I've got 10 000 niggas strong.
They got everybody singin' my "Fuck Tha Police"
you can't fool me
We both know who you are

Homeboy, you're gonna wish one day, 
That you were sittin' on a gate of a truck by the lake
With your
Now you maybe plain but I think you're pretty in the morning
Some nights we'll go out dancin' if I am not too tired
Some nights we'll sit
you're washed up and you're through
But sister's here to let you know
Boy you're gonna make it through

Sister, do you really believe that I can rise
You have my permission to go out and reproduce (crowd: light cheering)
You're lovely human beings
So now we're gonna do a little brown nosin' for ya