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Here long before you

Just because we're having a say so
Not lining up to be Play-Doh
In five years time will it be
Who the fuck's arctic monkeys
DrSns : One Monday morning I got up late
        And there were these monkeys outside the gate.
        The guard tried to stop them but he had no
fan's attraction, lordie-lord
By icons we were lured
One and all

Seeking fame and fortune
All they say’s "come on then, I’ll meet you in the shadows
Tweeter and the Monkey Man were hard up for cash
They stayed up all night selling cocaine and hash
To an undercover cop who had a sister named Jan
peace, love & monkey business 
Gonna reach the very top
There'll be pride, hope & Sunday mornings 
All the things I'm thinking of
We could change
There are strange things done in the midnight sun
By the men who mohel for gold;
The Arctic trails have their secret tales
That would make your
long live now
Rise up to the shining
Don't be blind by fools again
Fools again

Bells will take their toll
On your way
There's no way we're born
All is not well there is Evil in your House tonight

Beware thy Name, Black Stars Fall, Forces Rising, time you were gone
I could be the next to see 
That there'll be nobody there 
If you feel excited throw your hands into the air 
No one can judge you baby 

That's it. When the jungle sleep. 
When the monkey shine. 
I said, "you do baby and I think I don't mind." Back then deals were wild. 
If the deuce is
to do if you got the wine
 In The Eagle we're landing 
 I'm the President
 Or a foreign king
 With a harem from Encino to Brunei

 But if there was
(N. Brown/J. Rwakaara)

I remember standing there
Compelled by the grip of your stare
Wanting you to hold me forever
No words were said, instead
the monkeys
But This job ain't all cookies and cake

Sometimes I think about silly things
It's easy to do if you got the wine
In The Eagle we're landing
it's late in the evening
Make sure that you've got someone to walk with and someone to talk
Convince yourself daily if there's still someone left if
the ones who loved me, told me to stop
Like home girl can't catch shit if it drops
A superwoman chick, you know that I am
Some shit don't fly by me in a man
there's blood on the floor
So we sit in our gun, can I ask what you're on?
If you made it there's hope for us all

We're all to blame
We hide away
If life was simple
Every day like Sunday afternoon
There'd be no reason
To wake up, fight back, be a better you

Come dance by the fire
this hell 
Don`t turn around - don`t turn around 

You were surprised by a girl in the sky 
who changed everyone 
And as your life became so
the great divide, and a white man stiff and still,
Lying there by his lonesome self, and I figured it must be Bill.
So I thought of the contract I'd made
afford to flex
The police are stopping and searching just like some illegal border checks
You better beware we're living inside of lucifers era
was there boy before
Anybody cared who you were
You better remember

If you ever get famous
I say a prayer for your heart
You keep your eyes open wide
for me
But I have no fear
I only did what I thought was right
Cast a stone if you dare
And so I stand alone
Before this great debate
But beware my words
a holy terror.
Temptations lurking every where. 
If your mind's in the gutter, Beware!

You'll find me there.
Me and a friend were talking after
This one goes out to all real wife
Stay by you man side when him never have a dime
Now him find some new ting fi climb
Mek him know you nah
whatever it could be, makes you think you've seen me before

Oh, Angelina. Oh, Angelina

His eyes were two slits that would make a snake proud