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a good old wine or rock 'n' roll
If it feels real good let it move your soul
But if it hurts to say her name, baby let go

First time for both of you
wasted time
Make it up and tell me all the right lines
You want a lover who's in control
An' not afraid to love you body and soul
Someone who gives you
you need it, soul power
Though I need it, soul power
Got to have it, soul power

I want to get under your skin
If I get there, I've got to, got
(So real)

(I know that he's real)

It's real, it's real within my soul
So real I want the world to know 
Not by my power or by might
But by
What's this crazy place, you want to take me to?
Tell me, what's the price if I go with you?

My heart, my soul, my love
Is that the goal?
Always leave your televison on.
Always give your answers by the phone.
If you're hurt he wants to feel it.
If you've money he's your dealer.
And is this what you want
For me to feel?
Or am I going out of my mind?
What is real?
Stay by my side so I can live
And I will be alright
Don't leave
Who's got soul? 
Who could think that you're for real - 
A puppet in a cabaret 
To increase your wealth 
Baby realize yourself 

Hey baby 
I want
wondering what I feel inside
Deep in my soul I've got nothing to hide
If you ask me how I feel
My love is for real
If you ask me how I feel
My love is
, the real, the real)

I don't ask for much, no no,
Baby if you want me you gotta tell me something, yeah.
All I want from you is just to keep it comin',
the oceans divide us
I will be here right by your side
For the rest of our days
Here for the rest of our days

If you are tired I'll bear your burden
wondering what I feel inside 
Deep in my soul I've got nothing to hide
If you ask me how I feel
My love is for real 

So baby please don't worry 
to your ears
Yet somewhere inside you're wondering
If you really deserve to let go of your fears
You want to make a connection, you're looking for a way
What is it that turns you on to the illusion of power,
This thing that grabs you by the heart and makes you want to tear things down.
There is no
you know I need your help
And I'm real, real gone

Some people say
You can make it on your own
Oh you can make it if you try
I know better now
You can't
If you're the one that feels that the soul sound ain't real
Then you're missing what we're giving
And could it be that you are afraid to face what's
to know what you really feel
And I've been loving you for so long
You are the one

Heart so real
I love you so
Come on and roll
You know it's such
We are lovers true and through and though
We made it through the storm
I really want you to realize
I really want to put you on
I've been searchin'
can feel it in my soul
Yeah yeah yeah
The lord is real
Yes He's real
This I know
Cuz the bible said so

May the grace of God rest with you
sing for

You're as real as real ever was
Just because you're every living soul
You're so real that someone gave us up

Don't break the oath
I wanna love
if you dare
Dare to be something
Dare to be real
Dare, dare to be more
Hope for the better
Dare to believe

It's hard to make amends
to cope!
It's not always good just to get by
Who's coverin' ya stakes when ya bet high?
You're cha-sin', cars, clothes and rocks
Identify with the goods
on the low it's all gravy
But the threat of this new world order is about to drive me crazy
And all you want is the Lex and gold Visa
Bomb singles
Now that I know
That you want me for me
I can be what you want
I can be what you need
Now that I know
That your love is for real
I can finally see
Oh, yeah.
Just be for real won't you, Baby
Be for real oh, Baby
You see I, I don't want to be hurt by love again

So you see I'm not naive.
I just