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chuck could chop wood
You can catch Pit in a bed with a mommy on his vet
No questions, you know I'm all good
And if you blink for a minute, think for
They told me when I was little
I'd go to heaven, if I was good.
Now I'm a long way from little
'Cause I tried to find heaven, 'cause I thought that I
Uh, uh (uh-huh) uh
Yeah, this is for all the sexy ladies out there
Uh, walkin' around downtown
Shoppin' at the malls, yeah
I see you in your sexy
you'll be singin' on Jay Leno.

They'll put you in the movies,
You'll have your video.
An' if you're young an' sexy,
You'll be rollin' in the dough.
Eternal; that other shit is dead
Yes, let me know if you alive
Put your hands in the air; let me know if you bring it live
Hey, come on, hey, I love music
Write your name on the fogged up window
Throw your feet on the dash, girl you know I'm cool with that
And it's Tom Petty Free Fall by midnight
Turn it
the dollars
Got more if ya xxx will swallow
She shaking it by the roba hoping it by the Bentley
She know that I'm high and tipsy now drop it n gimme 50
Took A Sparkle From Your Eyes
And Erased Your Smile

Blackberry Blowin Up
Turn It Off
Just Wanna Be Alone
If It ain't You Then I'm Not Home
Heard he's
You Cry,
Took A Sparkle From Your Eyes
And Erased Your Smile

Blackberry Blowin Up
Turn It Off
Just Wanna Be Alone
If It ain't You Then I'm Not
If you follow John or Paul 
And could you ever let it be 
The Mary of it all 
And even as I'm climbing up the stairs 
Well, life lines and suicide
Guess that makes two, me and you

By the way, my name's Jones
Hey, I know a place, it's not far from here
That's my dented red Chevy out front
Stupid, you know it's time to sit and think, before we hit the brink
Locked room, at a prize fight, before he hit the ring
Like when I tell these
pull the trigger of my loaded gun
Then you'll see, we'll be having some fun
So meet me by the backstage door
If it's good, then let's go for
Uh huh, uh huh

Think about what everyone is saying
Ruby dear, oh don't you hear?
Late at night when the radio is playing
Ruby dear, so looky
Got em in they birthday suit, like a peeping Tom's dancer
Yeah they sexy, and I know that I'm handsome
But don't ask the question, if you don't want
You know the smoke can bring it out of me

I'm the rap music Mozart, one who love cheeba
Bounce and buy quarter pounds like a drug dealer
can't describe you but let me remind you
Say I'm sexy (I'm sexy), say I'm fly (I'm fly)
Girl I can't let you by without a little compliments
We smart ain't we?

[Jim Jones]
Sheeit, the heat's in the kitchen, I speak to you listen
The beef if it thicken the heat'll stay clickin, believe that?
she said I'm leaving
On the next train
Don't ask when I'm coming back, cha
Ring pon the finger, you're free fi yet part bond
No bother even think 'bout
But who am I to argue and bust 
I don't give a (fuck) you can kiss my nuts 
I'm steppin' out, hoppin' in my Lo 
Grippin' on grain, tippin'
the nerve to tell me you think that as a mother I'm not fit
Well this is just a little hatin' place and you're all Harper valley hypocrites

No I wouldn't
you smell Shirley Thompson's breath you'll find she's had a little nip of gin
When you have the nerve to tell me that you think that as a mother I'm
Sexy, brown, brother, sexy, brown, brother

(verse 1)
Said I'm lookin' for brains, good looks and skills
Step on up if you think you fit
Should be clear I'm a cold, hard killer
Who's sophisticated with touch of high-class
A heart-breaker bringing death by sexy
A lady-killing mama in
Life is a roll like the dice and you know?  [Repeat: x3]
Do you want to play?
Now if you, base out and ace out 
Ace is an ass out 
Also an ass