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If the air is a little thick in this room tonight
I reckon it's the result of an onslaught of separatist rookies
Overcome by this colorful sight
how dem no get mi 
Have mi computer still caan internet mi 
If mi was bingo long time dem would a sweat mi 
Mi no race horse babylon caan bet me
I don't just flow I over flow I be filling up the sink
Like I left the water on I run this bitch if anybody ask
Aint much change since high
And the cooking was done by his daughter

If the quinella comes in today

The day is late and the race is run
A full weeks wages and the lots been done
We're burning the towers
Claim superior race over nations
Eric's sons' command
Starting a New World over leagues
By the law of there own hands
like to make the run

Sailing over the ocean

To my beautiful island in the sun

Over there people are slow

Low key life is all that they
and by the Bible you swear
Now is the time to make you speech
Because the right time come
An you a go on like you dumb or them cut out you tongue
Me haffi
if the world were to shatter
Is it the world you believe in

You crawl to the ends of the earth
As the scenery's caving in
On knees burnt by gravel
thing that I guarantee is that we'll win this race

We'll go down with the ship
The captain's of our destiny
We'll get on our way
With the wind against
If we don't watch the sun
It will rise
If we don't take our time
It's not wise

Putting posters up
For your band (Hey, we're playing, ome by)
end your heart though
Better to learn crashing by
Then never to fly at all
The chances are it falls apart
Sometimes it's over before it starts
by voice
Kicking out the jams, taking care of business
Get your lighters in the air, holler if you're with us

This is a soundtrack to a six pack
Every thread of creation is held in position
By still other strands of things living.
In an earthly tapestry hung from the skyline
Of smoldering
of humanity

The tyrants of the earth have made their plans
But the future of the world is in our hands
The ending of a war that would never end
Created by
If I ever saw you out with someone else
But when the moment came last night,
I couldn't say a word
I stood there in the dark hall by myself
Yeah, I

Check it. Pass it over here nigga, ha ha ha. Check it out, check it 



Yo, my name is J-Ro, I'm from the 8-1-8,
Holla+ at the whores, is hollerin back
Let 'em know a few facts like if your ridin, your back's slidin
This is the 'Race Against Time' and I ain't got
then black
out and relapse 'til I yack Jack Daniels and 'gnac
Burp bubbles, attitude's immaturin'
Double shot of Bacardi, party, vision is blurrin'
falls, my children sweet children
Toys are only human after all, who killed 'em we killed 'em
If toys are quarreling amongst themselves
What hope is
Over their heads 

But if you think that Jesus Christ is coming
Honey, you've got another thing coming
If he ever finds out who's
helmets over their heads, yes!

But if you think that Jesus Christ is coming
Honey you've got another thing coming
If he ever finds out who's hi-jacked
No one's holding your hand
Sissy's all over the land
It's a day at the races like picking which rock and how high you dare to jump from
The most vital is what they say, more or less
It put my name upon my thigh
It makes me dance, it makes me cry
And when I touch it race cars burn rubber in
by hate, driven by hate


If you keep on putting me down
Rub my name into the ground
I'll drag the dirt all over town about you
And if
There’s plenty of room at the bar,
Plenty of room at the bar,
If you don’t like the rat race, we’ve got the right place,
There's plenty of room