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I don't know just what I'd do
If the Lord wasn't walking by my side
When I was drifting (when I was drifting on the sea of a despair)
And I was
Words and music by Leah Kunkel

Oh, last night I sat by your side
Oh, I was feelin' so lonely
Would have given up my pride
All night I was so lonely
want to come back
Oh baby, baby
It's too late for that
'Cause when you see me, there'll be somebody new by my side
Somebody who is sure he is mine

But oh Lord we pay the price with a 
Spin of a wheel with the roll of a dice 
Ah yeah you pay your fare 
And if you don't know where you're
Forgive me if I cry
Look when you lifted the sky
Everybody emptied their slime
Those memories stole my side

And will you sit by my side,
If me not
daddy told me a pretty good people
And my momma she told me more
Said son if you don't quit your rowdy ways
You'll have trouble at your door
If it wasn't
the bills that are stacked to the moon
The money I'm giving to you
I could live on forever (on the sunny side)
What can I do so my life
Turns around
Shacked up with a poet, no, it wasn't my department
Now I study the poetry of the studio apartment
Changing the cat box and baking the bread
I should
You helped him, you laid by his side when he died. 
He held in his breath and you broke down and cried. 
You stood there, confused, you couldn't
Just a little bit of luck will do 

And you know I ain't never prayed before 
But it always seemed to me 
If praying is the same as begging
My baby never was a cheating kind
But it wasn't 'cause the ladies didn't try
Now everywhere we go, we're walking 'round and slow
Giving him a flutter
you the reason that my skies went from blue to gray? 

I wasn't me, love ain't nothing but a four letter word 
When you heard what I did, my bridges
on each side of the room
Givin' us the boom boom boom
To our zoom zoom zoom

The smell of a L lit while walking by
But the music gets me high
me through hard trials
He brought me through tribulations
Never let a day go by and not realize
Had not been for the Lord who was on my side

rubbin' his head and he's startin' to cuss
And I knew if he caught us he'd break Bill's neck for sure.

Well, where we parked wasn't too far
And Bill
Sunday a morning was a fight
I was running from a clip on tie
it took daddy's belt to get me in my Sunday's best

Lord suffer would go on past
squeeze, please
 Lord, I love you, I need you, yeah
 Yeah, right by my side
 I need you here by my side
 But I can't help it baby
 But I'll be home soon
Step I Take
I Can Feel That You Are Near
You're Always Walking By My Side
With Your Open Arms
You're Love Shines Right To Me
I Can't Believe That
to grant their request"

I said, "Lord, if my loved ones only knew
The limitless wonders of Heaven
If they could steal but one brief glimpse of glory
is I'll be walking him my whole life

I rode to Malibu on a dune buggy with Neil
He said "you're gonna have to drive me down on the beach if you
up with a poet, no, it wasn't my department
Now I study the poetry of a studio apartment
Changing the cat box, baking the bread...
I shoulda been
Sure was gonna be rough
They never did like mama's homemade dress
Papa's bank book wasn't big enough
Me I'm standing on the side of the road
And I was out walking the street
When I met a girl
By the burger world
And I was needing her company
By the way she was dressed
I knew what
a little more faith
To believe what I already know

You said you’d never leave me
You’d walk right by my side
Right now all I feel is alone
Cause I
put up the wall of words ain't no way into my Queendom
Controlled by me, the heir to the throne is the Ruler Lord Ramsey
The Ruler Lord, to him there is