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momma shed a tear
I've done so much wrong in my life, at night
I sleep with my eyes open, hopin
That the Reaper pass me by, I'm tryin' to change
Had her soundin like Lisa Lisa, I wonder if I take you home
Will you still love me after this night?
Mike was the hardhead from the around the way
and hatin 

I'ma blast if you run up on me 

I'ma do my dirt by my lonely so that nobody can snitch 

This matter coulda been resolved 

if you woulda
money make a motherfucker bend
If you'd rather me than you die in the end again and again

I made it over to dry land but still wound up sinkin' in
(Dolly Parton)

I know this dress I'm wearing doesn't hide the secret I've tried concealing 
When he left he promised me he'd be back by the time it
livin it's about survivin it's about go and get paper ya feel me?

[Master P]
I stole my first car, with a nigga named Herb
If I thank I seen the police I
And Grandma Bell how the heel ain't see me fly
It was yo' guidance that help you get yo' baby by

I take one day at a time and watch my every self
gallery wall its like not a wave crash 
similar to last or next heckle me not already doctored by regrets gray rain 
beligerant fragments bomb acid
Nigga I'd rather fry
My momma lost me to the streets
I told her don't cry
Told her if she understood real
She should understand why
The wrong
And three weeks later, he let me go back home.

But I laid in bed three weeks just thinkin'
"I believe I coulda took him if I hadn't been drinkin',
Tear drops in the pillow on my bed
Still trying to keep my head up
Know you'd rather see me dead
And the raindrops keep on falling
turn informer, nigga, I?d rather fry
My momma lost me to the streets, I told her don't cry

Told her if she understood real she should understand why
with a brick, in the dash mayne
Now every time I roll up bitch give me bomb-ass brain

Probably be somebody, baby momma, I ain't ask mayne
of flapjacks from IHOP, when I rock
If a foe tries to flow, I cast the glow like I was Tim-ex
Ease through MC's like a breeze through the trees
He who