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Far East Movement
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Snoop Dogg

I bet you wake up in the morning and you kiss yourself
'Cause I would, if I was you
I bet you show up
east coast, East East coast
Fuck that, bring 'em out

I’ll take you back to the Source Awards
Suge Knight said come to Deathrow, that was way back
your room, OCD OCD
I used to wanna be like ODB ODB
Now I'm a rap star, OMG OMG

Everything is perception
Your perception of yourself or who you are is
Once upon a time I made a lion roar 
He was sleeping in the sunbeams on the old zoo floor.
I had gone to see the park where my papa used to play,
I'll in them clothes all the gray
I'll stay if you go away
Concrete, tall as the sky
Movement passing me by

And you blush, what a rush
some better place
Far from all that's wrong
But if God in his wisdom
Saw fit to put you here
Then here is where I belong
Somewhere east of eden

Maybe he
away, far away
She said: It's for my lover who is far far away

When, at first, she met a winsome Johnny
He wasn't sure her heart was pure
Her eyes
a word to you
If sixty seconds of the truth was spoken
I'd be broken
Automatic eyes

dishonest movements
Instinctively premeditated
I lost control
I saw a man in my dream, calling out, in the Timorese language,
He was gripped by, an iron claw, defining the pain and agony,
He cried out straight
What matters if I were the first to go there?

Morning comes up from the east
We watch it come
And far away now rolls the angry rain god's drum
hard to tame
Clubs so packed it was hard to aim
But I got wild game orangutan
Yeah on the prowl
Far East Movement run the wild
Let me X-O where
And the angel of the lord led me into the belly of the holy mother
A chamber black as pitch
But I felt no fear, only comfort, for I was as a child
Doing our thing in Queens
We had dreams about being emcees
And there was no concern about so and so
And these record companies
But now we all are
longer mine 

Our lives our not our own even the wind plays still. All I felt was fire and bone 
And movement, movement 
If they ask you for a sign
if you can handle this
Shit, I can handle whatever
I need you to just bang out!
816 Boyz!

Here I come baby, the aureola mayne!
And the Hennessy
hid you in my hand
In the blue light of Christmas-time, Santa Claus was kind

I wonder if you'll ever grow
Oh far enough to throw
Away the lies of no
Oh my, my, my-
In a dusty caravan
Was a girl with a golden tan
And she asked me if I was headed to the east
I politely stepped a side and said I
where you get dumped off
All we want to do is party {WOO}
And by everybody at the bar barcardi {WOO}
Black barbie dressed in bogardi {OW}
I'm tryna
where you get dumped off
All we want to do is party {WOO}
And by everybody at the bar barcardi {WOO}
Black barbie dressed in bogardi {OW}
I'm tryna
airplay in the day
I couldn't understand why to be exact
Our music was good and I was far from wack
Then came the answer, commercial was the key
To get
lights, black leather
Some towns make me anxious
Others sane but sad
But West Berlin's by far the strangest time
I ever had
All night town of punks
to myself
If wealth was the truth, then it should by a mans happiness
Why the hell you think I'm smilin' so hard while I'm rappin' this
Eye yos fuckin' ne
If I could move Texas east
Then she'd be here with me
Then nothin' else would come between the two of us
If Dallas was in Tennessee

By now she's
the Lower East Side of my heart there’s a place where you can go.

And if the towers far behind had made a light, what was the best thing we could do ?
way, by the moonlit bay, 
When I lingered awhile, she stole my heart away, 
Yaaka hula hickey dula, Yaaka hula hickey du. 
Oh, I don't care if you