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There's a man on the side of the road,
Left foot dead, people passing by turn their head.
There's a man on the side of the road to Jericho.
It needs
by the theon road

Well I dream that I heard that whippoorwill sing
Yeah she sang my song and called me by name
Well I hung my head in shame,Oh
on a dogwood branch
Yeah, she was taking me under
I might have lost my innocence
But she was saving my soul that summer

I don't know much about eternity
Privilege on privilege
An unwanted discovery
So now we're cruising down this shuddering highway
With a dead sun shining on my back
And we talk about the way
softly, as he opened the door 
And gazed at his empty apartment. 
Aching, thinking. 
Southbound jericho parkway 
Is what you call a one-way street.
Love his race, 
It doesn't matter if you win or lose a little face, 
Knuckle down and love that race. 

One bright morning the world might end
He Reached Down

by Iris Dement

(Verse 1)

A certain man one day did go down to Jericho

Fallin? among thieves along the way

Well they stripped
If I ain't back by 5am start phoning round the hospitals
The memories of all my pearls are pouring out my nostrils
I'm the one Mother Nature had
Dreams inside, wild ride

Road to the sun, it's a hard one
We're in nowhere to what I've done
Road to the sun, it's a hard one
Driving by I see my
'm on my way
I take the roads less traveled see you again one day

The more I love the more hurt I feel
And that's all right by me cause that's just how
How many roads 
Till I find my way 
How many roads 
If I leave today 
How many roads 
From the one that I've always known 
How many roads
the way 
Did what I did, said what I had to say 
And I'd do it all again if I had to today 
When all is said and done 
I'm the one. 

It's a long hard road
the best way to perfect our tree
Is by building walls
Walls like unicorns
In full glory
And galore
And even stronger
Than the walls of Jericho
There's an army on the dance floor
It's a fashion with a gun my love
In a room without a door
A kiss is not enough in
Love my way, it's a new road
And I know that you will be there too
If I should lose my way

Along this road we share
Please bring me home, come-what-may
If I should lose my way
way home
If it's for me it's on the way home

Like fragments of a broken mind
I splinter by my own design
This search is not a waste of time
another place, would i be the same old face
For you to have around

There's no way in, there's no way out i'm caught in the middle
Why must you leave my
There'd be nothing left in my world but emptiness
If I should lose your love
I'd be nothing at all

I hold my pillow tight each night
I can't control
way home
If it's for me it's on the way home 

Like fragments of a broken mind
I splinter by my own design
This search is not a waste of time
I think back 
When we were all each other had 
When we started out on the road 

And there's gas in my tank and I've still got a way to go
inner soul
Goodbye lover, moans my voice

Perils today are many
As I set out on my way
If I lose your love, I know that I
Can't call it back someday
keeps saying this is where I'm meant to be

I'll be there someday, I can go the distance
I will find my way if I can be strong
I know every mile will be
time can remember
Setting up of other roads
To travel on in old accustomed ways
I still remember the talks by the water
The proud sons and daughters
other way
All I want, is to sing my songs
Hearing that crowd, keeps me going
Guitars rocking, wheels rolling

Here I go, down this road
Another town,
miles on my heart,
Sweetheart I’ve been livin' in a fantasy
But one day lightning will strike
And my bark will lose its bite
But don’t give up on me