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Compound, a substance composed
Of two or more elements
Chemically combined
In definite proportions by weight

Mixtures, two
behind your eyes
These words just don't ring true
And tell me all I need to know about you

Edit and revise
Until your conscience was cleared
I tried
Maybe just think once, or try some school at night
They're makin' radio wack, people have to escape
But even if I'm banned, I'll sell a million tapes
If j.ever gets here, he's gonna
Sort you out. there's a freeway
To memorize expense. in some ways
You never catch you breath.
But endurance is the one
got near
Posted at you at the bar and whispered in your ear:
Hey, Ms. Lady (Radio edit) Got you from a crush
She said, she ain't a groupie chick
I'm not tryin' to scare you
But there's a danger if you get too deep
Some nights I don't sleep
All you want to do is tell the truth
All you want
the sacred law."
"I'll let it go this time,
But if you leave again,
I'll break your fucking jaw."
Thank you
You hear me rhyme and try to shine on my time  forget it 
Hear me on radio  live vocally do edits 
E Swift scratchin and threading  with supreme
If it's another nominee, brother
I'mma let you finish your speech, brother
But Kano had the best flow of all time
Before God, thank me, brother
Nigga's's only the real that they recognize by the real
And since you don't recognize you know the deal
How I feel? I don't know emotions get
to dude
I'm grown man business, and I am not in school
Put your hand down youngin' this is not for you
On my +J.O.+ with beats by Kan-ye yo
My name
a classic modern figure
Brooklyn it don't matter if you holler or whisper
Your coming through clan, 'cause I'm right here with ya
Ain't gotta edit the slang,
of lessons but I ain't have dough yet
From knowledge to wisdom, from wisdom to see
And understand me if you don't dance, G
It's a god in the house, it's a god
a sit-down
Forget the studio and the mixdown
It's time to set it, you talkin loud without the credit
You clean like a radio edit
You couldn't tell that
the way I got big spitting stories
Being me’s X-Clan, Vanglorious
We’re not your favorite, fuck it
You know the system and you buck it
Have you
track comes out fat

Now this is on the reel to reel - or if you prefer the ADAT
You don't get what I say black? Hit rewind, then playback
the house structure
Like Empire State, the power will surely crush you 
As a pun on a radio edit, or nasty soda
I'm colder in the heart when the camel back
I always stick to my point like a John Pase
(So cut and edit) I wouldn't have done it
If I didn't know I could get way wit' it
By the time that I
[Nate Dogg]
Just yesterday I had to turn a bitch away
I got to many on my side - I got to many in my face
Come ride with me
Take you where
Street light for a spot light, cardboard box for a stage
And if you had a score to settle you resolved it with your breakin'
Not like now they're using
[Nate Dogg]
Just yesterday I had to turn a bitch away
I got to many on my side - I got to many in my face
Come ride with me
Take you where