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Seven more years if only if she can hold on 
Seven more years and I'll be home again 
David you got to tell her that I miss her 
Tell her I'll miss
the Key you'll find)...

David said to Solomon
When he was about to die
"You're gonna build my temple
When I'm by the good, The Good Lord's Side
Don't you
My name is David Wilcox
I am the high sheriff of Hell
My name is David Wilcox
I am the high sheriff of Hell
And where I go when I die nobody can
Good evening I'm from essex
In case you couldn't tell
My given name is Dickie, I come from Billericay
And I'm doing very well

Had a love affair
Mister, you may, have traveled near or far,
But you haven't seen the country,
till you've seen the country by car!

Mister, may I, recommend
the nights we slept without each other
Time doesn't wait, but time won't pass us by

If I could only touch your life
With just one part of me
You'll know how
But it could not hurt 
Well it comes out of the sacred 
Writing of the Israelites 
It's the story of David 
And how he slew Goliath 

Well now
to turn to drugs
There's only one solution
Causing all the problem
We talking universal love

We can do it
If we try
Let war and hatred
Pass us by


Baby, you're asleep by now
You never stayed awake for me
You never waited up for me, 
No, you never waited up for me! 
Now there's nothing I
Mogen David in Heaven?
Dear Lord, we'd all like to know
Will they have Mogen David in Heaven, sweet Jesus?
If they don't, who the hell wants to go?
nights I'd lie and wonder why
You could take your love and spread it all around

And that's the bread that you cast upon the waters
Doing all the heartless
David: I...
Melvin: Can turn a grey sky blue, uh...
Melvin: I can make it rain,
Whenever I want it to, huh!
Paul: I can build a castle
I'm born, I'm bored,
I'm not at all.
This body Needs an Overhaul.

The blast from the cannon
Was more than
They could take.
Ever since that
needed you, you cure'd my misery
But those days have gone and passed us by
And all you do is lay around on your ass and cry
Baby if you don't wanna see me
By David Allan Coe





the best for the trying
And if I tell the truth when I I'm lying
What else can
What else can we do

Produced by David Rosenthal
Words and Music - Jane
the ghost of Jesus walking by

I never sleep
When trouble steals thoughts from my restless mind for free, it could be,
The times I'm living in I
I'm a beautiful guy
And you have just walked by
And I have gave you the eye
But you pretend to be shy
But I'm a beautiful guy
(you know what I mean? you
2am and the message light is silent
3am and the Essex House is flashing
4am and I swear I heard New York crying
And it's a terrible time cos I
just an empty stage.
She's a hard act to follow
I thought I'd find somebody by now
She's a hard act to follow
Her leavin' brought the whole house down.
And how the cloudy days
Had all gone by

But now I'm wonderin', babe
If it was all a lie
Because it seemed so easy
When you said goodbye
And if you scared, you better go and see Mase bitch
David Banner on the beat hoe
And I beat the beat up like Dee Bo
I got the game on TiVo
So I guess you
(kinky friedman)

If I made a wish for every sacred star
Falling just outside of heaven's window,
If I had the songs from david's old guitar
my brain over all the things
If I'd just been there I could have tried
Things to do I can't help but think of more
I could fill my life without ever
By David Jones and Steve Pitts
"The circus is coming to town." it said on the poster.
"Get your tickets now, before it's too late."
A dancing bear