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[Wyclef Jean]
Wyclef, chillin with Angie
Live at Jimmy's, worldwide baby

[Chorus: Wyclef]
Suavemente, be-sa-me
Angie Martinez,
of time
Back when I first laced the wax with rhymes
It was eighty sa'en, I was a crazy sa'en
Niggas tried to diss the Bridge I came bustin'
Even quoted Doug
something to give
That's love, black on black, that's how they made it
And if any busters flip, they get faded
L.A. is where I'm speakin of
Peace to all
Die brannewyn en coke slat weer n keer
Yo tjek daai sker in die pvc
Hot-pants lekker B.P.P.
'Binne-poes-pienk' aan die moerefokken brand
trouble troop
And if you got a sister, then make it a double scoop
The capital S the see, the are-A-P
stands for me, cause I'm the
only MC with
the M-S-K, the Double S-A
Now I bring on Daddy-O, huh, if I may

If there was a time, that I felt fine
Then that is the time, I run my rhyme
get sweaty.
Beats and melodies, will make me blink.
I'll pull my shank out, and give a warrior's cry.
If you ain't down wit' my crew, all you die.
langue a un muet
If you steal the tongue of a mute
Sa parole, je te la donnerai
His word, I'll give to you
Si tu la manges avec ta bouche
If you eat