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The biggest highlight of the year is the Star Trek Convention
Our town's not big enough to sign up any stars
But we once met a red shirt who was phasered by
the law without being represented by an attorney 
Overqualified, for all technical institutes 
I get the job done when you barely make it past
the people I'm inspired by
And find out that they're really, really fake or they just kind of lied
Kind of surprised I was able to keep my mouth shut
just living ain’t being alive
If you ain’t feeling what I’m spitting then you’re living a lie
Patience, transition, it takes discipline
lighter, up ya lighter
Up ya lighter 'fore we spark; check it out

Southeast to Pennsylvania, Transportation Authority
Is what I'm probably on, if I ain't
probably on, if I ain't whippin' a Land 
Throughout ya section; my mind's in traum' 
Nine times out of time I rhymes upon the L-Train 
Within my brain,
You're a synchronized dub of that jiggy shit in clubs
You even got a sub-stitute you pay to hit the pubs
Both a you sport Maytag watches that you
evidence or clues 
Bitch you gets a date wit yo moms 
But you gets robbed by the Luniz fool 
If I was a bum 
I'd be straight to ride out 
Fuck a piece
by the hour
Lyte is rhymin, perfect timin
Milk keeps the beat (I keep the beat)
With the tap of his feet (With the tap of my feet)
When he count it