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this you'll be officially done
Eminem killed by Eminem
Matthew Mitchell, bitch, I even have your initials
I initially was gonna bury you next to my
up to all you MC cub scouts
Grub scouts getting rubbed out
I'll bet'cha kept ya album froze til this came out
Hitting ideas to use, a half of us
For song run in my genetics 
I gave ideas to L. Ron Hubbard to write books on Dianetics 
FedEx your info, if you want to show the manager 
Mr. Dave
or press, but with the power of the word could just
Pass ideas in our heads like birds in nest,
You gave birth to a new sound like D. West,
Should I be
And keep in silent.
Another black person has died, that is true
But are you surprised? I ain't, because I already knew
By promoting political deaths they