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Gucci Mane in the building, Gucci, Gucci
LaFlare, Big Kat, LaFlare
Say we got it like that, like that
Every thang don't mean two thangs, watch this
got to get it, got to run my money up [3X]

Uh! I'm going on a Trap-A-Thon
Gucci Mane like Gotti I'm the Dapper Don
Uh! Hundred G's in my Gucci bag
and Gucci Mane done pulled up in the wealth with our
Brinks ? we threw our rap in the rink
Chop Squadron pullin up, drophead pullin up
Drop dead, I don't
sayin' (Sheit)
Then the niggaz be like diamonds on the chest thick
Wrist, arm, fist, man, Gucci Mane, La Flare, he the shit

Gucci Mane in the party,
me,but your niggas up unda you

Make a billion dollars what im tryna do
Gucci Mane La Flare im so tired of you
And if I had the time I would be sleepin
and Gucci Mane
I said Trinidad and Gucci Mane
I’m turnt the, fuck up
Trinidad and Gucci Mane

I said Trinidad and Gucci Mane
I’m turnt up, fuck off
Gucci mane
Two things
Trap house

Gucci mane in the building (Gucci, Gucci)
Laflare, big kat (laflare)
Say we got it like that (like that)
I'm so motherfuckin' turned up right now (volume)
Someone please turn Gucci mane down (volume)
Bricksquad thugged out we don't give
neva seen a chick wit a body like that 
Gucci Mane Lil Flap bitch I got it like that 
Stuntin in the club wit my nigga Big Kap 
Made the waitress come
Geah (echoes), Gucci (echoes)
Gucci Mane, LaFlare, yeah
(A lot of niggaz thought we couldn't have pulled it off Gucci)
(But, guess what, we here,
It's Gucci, It's Gucci Burr
Soulja Boy Tell Em'
It's Gucci, Flocka
Scott Storch, Gucci Mane, we back at it
So Icey

We smokin' that fire
punch shawty I will make you see the light mayne
Stomp-out shawty I will make you read my Jordans
Try Gucci Mane boy you must be retarded
Said I'm 'bout to go Gucci Mane
In the trap still countin' change
Don't fuck with y'all 'cause you niggas lame
Said I'm 'bout to go Gucci Mane
Said I'm
to violins
Autobiography, Gucci Mane the author
And I'm the trap sponsor, Gucci Mane's the father
An eight figure nigga just walked into Wal-Mart
If you
and Gucci Mane claim
Iced out, popping shit, drunk, switching lanes
I rock bandana's like Santana's
Screaming out "Who wants some Anna?"
Get a million off my
my mom a Maserati


I got 6's on my red and black whip (this is what I do)
Watch them girls choose, iced up like a fool
Po'n lean in my
Gucci mane la chat, we in and out the trap fast
Leaving out yo house, 30 birds in my book bag


OK, check that bitch that wake up
a bank up
So Icey CEO is covered like make-up,Gucci, uhh

(verse 2)

Say,Gucci Mane please can I have it or wear it
Don't touch it, baby look, but
people think I’m crazy
But Gucci Mane really love all that shit ? 
Hundred ? a day shit, hundred dollar blind shit
You can wear my shoes ? 
and Gucci Mane
I said Trinidad and Gucci Mane
I’m turnt the, fuck up
Trinidad and Gucci Mane

I said Trinidad and Gucci Mane
I’m turnt up, fuck off
Future in the club, poppin bands on them hoes
Go ahead Gucci Mane, toss some grands on the floor
I'm gettin a table dance by a fine ass ho
Got me coming
Duncan Hines
Gucci Mane a millionaire, my house I be seldom there
I always be on the road, bank account got several 0's
My britches be True Religion, in
And the dance floor ain't nothin' without ya girl
You a show stopper whoa
Lets get it poppin' whoa

Rose by fifty
Uh Now she tipsy
Cheeeaaaaaa burn one
Zaytoven on da track imma burn one
Its the mixtape nigga burn one
If you eva try gucci mane you might burn one huh
my stash house,
I'm in my stash house,
I'm in my stash house,
Gucci mane in his stash house.

Burn up our door, 
Hardwood floor,
Money on the table,