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Ia Namtaru
Ia Lammia
Ia Asaku
Ia Pazuzu

Ia Zixul zi Azkak
Ia Gula zi Pazu
Alal uggae Utukku Xul
Ia Ia Pazuzu

Ia Ningursu Ia Ia Umduggu
be safe here with me"
But promises open the door to be broken to me

No ´m never, no ´m never, no ´m never gonna let you down now
Oh na ri na
Oh na ri na

Oh na ri na
Nu ta brinka so  

Oh na ri na
Oh na ri na

Oh na ri na
Nu ta brinka so  
Eh mosinhus
Na ka nhos fla-n
??m ??m sicka hearinâ?? it, you go
Stick it in somewhere ??m
??m sicka hearinâ?? it.
Samuel F. Omar
He awe mai au, lei pakalana
E ia one pua, lei pakalana
He awe mai au, lei poni moie 
E ia one pua, lei awapuhi
Haina i mai, ana
command - bring the key
Rise from the depths
See the fire in my wand

Ia iak sakkakh iak sakkakth
Ia shaxul

I call forth the god pazuzu
I call
At the Indianapolis of your heart I lost the race

??ve been washed down the sink of your conscience
In the theater of your love I lost my part
And now you say
A room with a view, ¢??ve got a room with a view
Of wonderful you, my next door dream
â??Cause youâ??re the one and only one my heart really
??m just sittinâ?? here reminiscing 
Wondering who youâ??ve been kissinâ?? 
Baby - wo oh baby 
??ve been wondering all around 
There must be
Forgive, sounds good 
Forget, ??m not sure I could 
They say time heals everything 
But ??m still waiting 

??m through with doubt
Double it
Double it
Double it

I feel like ??m still there
I feel like ??m still there
I feel like ??m there
??m not scared anymore
??m not scared of the dark when I sleep with you
And ??m feeling alive
And ??m feeling strong again when ??m with
´ve got a feeling 
It´s automatic 

It´s a physical feeling 
´m gonna change the city
´ve got a feeling 
It´s automatic 

It´s a physical feeling 
´m gonna change the city
When you want to
You are able to make me feel that ??m Clark Gable
Then next minute you make me feel
??m something from the zoo
First you
He aloha e ka i'a la
'Ai a ka 'ama'ama
'Ai a ka i'a la
'Ai a ka lawalu
'Ai a ka ho'omoemoe

He aloha e ka i'a la
'Ai a ka pa'a kai
'Ai a ka
nights ??ve sat alone 
And ??ve worried over you 
But ??ll never worry dear 
If your love is true 

Please come back to me my darlinâ?? 
The world "talkin" Â'bout the world belongs to you
It belongs to yo
The world
I know I know I know
Belongs to me
It belongs to me
'm ready for
??ve got to see you
Wherever you are
And ??ve got to be there
??m wishing on stars
??ve got to reveal whatâ??s inside of my heart
There are places ??ll remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places
Alta noite já se ia, ninguém na estrada andava
No caminho que ninguém caminha, alta noite já se ia
Ninguém com os pés na água
Nenhuma pessoa
All my bags are packed
??m ready to go
??m standinâ?? here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakinâ??
??m glamor ritz and glitz,
Shaking those hips
??m milking the honey, ??m in it for the money
??ve got a high end job, sucking corporate
saying to me baby

Hold on - I feel ´m getting ready
Hold on - I feel ´m rockin´ steady
Hold on - ´m gonna make it with you woman
Hold on - You
All the old gang that I once knew
Now have left me two by two.
The only beau (...?)
??m so lonely by my only.

Each and every one it seems