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So I'll drink today love, I'll sing to you love
In paupers glory my time I'll bide
No home or ties love, a restless rover
If I
Baby, take off your coat...(real slow)
Baby, take off your shoes...(here, I'll take your shoes)
Baby, take off your dress
Yes, yes, yes
beaten and blown by the wind
trampled in dust
I'll show you a place
high on a desert plain
where the streets have no name

Where the streets
;s where I'll be

Down in the alley, we sure have fun
We just get started 'bout half past one
So if you're 'round just come on down
Nobody knows where you are, 
How near or how far 
Shine on, you crazy diamond 
Pile on many 
more layers 
And I'll be joining you there 
And when I wake up in the morning
You are gone
Little pretty thing
You know I'll be all alone 

You'll hear me crying
has been caused by men
who insist on acting trite
why must they always play
these games
just respect me, and for you
I'll do the same
(all I
And there I'll celebrate 

All in all there's something to give 
All in all there's something to do 
All in all there's something
clothes, freak those
In my specialized peep shows
And then I'll make ya touch ya knees to ya elbows
Toes, girl from the street of Melrose

See the thing about you that caught my eye
Is the same thing that makes me change my mind
Kinda hard to explain but girl i'll try
You need
been to the show
I'm in your bed, get in your head
I'll make your mind explode 

My love is a loaded gun
Set my sights on you 
My love is
Every promise, every world I'll embrace
You are my strength
The stream in the desert
You hold my life in Your arms

Each day You bring a morning
Fare thee well to Prince's Landing Stage.
Mersey River, fare thee well.
Well, I am bound for California, but I know that I'll return
In ya house I know I'll never be lost

Where love is real
And love is you
And life goes on
Round and round we go

After I strayed I
I'm not buying but I'll be for sale
Ill be your theme in one of your talent shows
You might even hear me at a resturaunt
'Cause I
And you know
You owe that to me

Talk to me quietly, peacefully
I don't want to fight
Talk to me nice and slow
So I'll know
How to make it
I'm not buying but I'll be for sale
Ill be your theme in one of your talent shows
You might even hear me at a resturaunt
'Cause I
that you shoot to kill me
Oh yeah
It's taken miles and lines to learn the right from the wrong
I'll keep you hanging on
I'll buck, ooh, ooh ooh, I'll slap the shit out of one of you
Y'all front on the Squad, man? Y'all know what it is, man
Touchin' my a** and titties so frantically
Don't get carried away with it
I'll let you have a little fun if you play with it
Insatiably, when I
Guess I'll remind y'all niggas, I can find y'all niggas 
Click click, what's up, walk up right behind y'all niggas 
Once the four
system is gettin lonely,
I gotta take a piss test to my P.O.
I know i'll fail 'cause I jes smoked hella weed bro,
And every time we with chris that
or never saw som'thin bloody 
Or you don't know I'll bring it to your door 'cuz I'm cruddy 
Like puddy, when I hold you niggas, I