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then. Paul, since I traveled the country for 3 years, 'n they said they could not understand me. Maybe I could make a good rock star. I don't know. Heh
complain cause Mike is hot
I'm hopin out for the baller block
Pimpin hoes in the parking lot
Flippin (??) with no halter top
They say Mike Jones fell off
whisper'hind by back 
My baby brother's smoking crack 
The boys they want only one thing 
And so I give it, don't complain 

Daddy's gone, Mama lost her job
friction when I flex up the jaw to hit the joint 

That can actually give a blood mob like Gotti 
Like the body cool  keep the strap up by the naughties
y'all, while you hope the don fall
But I'll come inside the tunnel, nigga, wit pope john paul
Yo, them niggas on the wall frontin', they ain't no harm
like the skipper,

But only at night because I'm a day tripper
And I kick more bass then John Paul Jones
Visions of red shoot
Fake trick breaker, Tennessee earthquaker
Shaking grounds when I'm walking smoking fat onion
I get lit, and beat the shit out of Paul Bunyon
She just want a Harley,
I'm rollin' up the Marley,
I'm drunk as Paul Mcartney
I'm aided by the shawty
I'm Gucci Mane not pootie tang,
I put it down,
the baby's father is, 
But I don't owe no apologies
She just want a Harley, 
I'm rollin' up the Marley, 
I'm drunk as Paul Mcartney
I'm aided by
[DJ Paul sample]
bustin with that 45 make them bitches back it up, back it up [repeat 4X]

[Verse 1]
I'm 5 foot 8, from the Bay, white as fuck
It's the Swishahouse, the third coast, the state of Texas that's my land
Who's the man that's in demand, it's Paul Wall baby yeah that's me
I put it